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We are now at Summer and Aidan’s first kiss, and of course it’s not going to be easy…

Here we go


Summer nodded and stretched her arms over and behind her head, half yawning. “One day, I’ll ask to hear your story, Aidan Murphy. All of it, so maybe I’ll be able to figure you out.”

He stood still as a rock for one heartbeat. “One day,” he said then, leaning forward and close. “I’m afraid I’ll want to tell you.”

Ah, hell, there he was again, pulling the rug of ease from under her feet. Heat crawled on her face, she felt it and swore at it through breath that came in short and fast. In the dim light of a September moon, his eyes shone like dangerous jade. “Why?” she said in a wavering voice.

“Because I think you will not judge, nor run.”

“Should I?”



“Because I’m a midnight full of nightmares and menace while you’re a spring morning sun. They are mutually exclusive, only pain comes when you try to put them together.”

Why did it feel like they were talking about something critical, something with the power of changing the course of their lives? And why did she want to challenge his words? “There are places in the world where the sun is up at midnight so, you see? Not mutually exclusive.”

“I can destroy your light,” he murmured, so low and pained, so strained and hurtful she struggled to breathe and barely managed a whisper. “I can lighten your darkness.”

“What’s left of me without it?”

“You give yourself too little credit.”


A little more to finish the scene.


Away, far away, someone boomed. It might have been the people playing cards. Might have been an alien invasion. To her, nothing existed beyond those eyes, and deep voice, and words barely spoken.

He inched closer, closer, or maybe it was her. She sat at a garden table surrounded by friends but she felt alone, nothing real but him, his mouth, his eyes almost challenging, bearing on her. He mesmerized her, confused her with all she felt: unsure, willing, terrified, tempted, needy.

Until his lips brushed hers. Warm. Delicate. Gentle.

She inhaled his scent, closed her eyes to focus on the heartbreaking tenderness of the moment, in the shattering power of an innocent kiss. When the contact broke she still didn’t move, clinging to the sultry memory of it, to the cloud of promises but eventually, she had to surrender to the absence of it.

Summer opened her eyes to Aidan, struggled to put together words that had to be said, fought a stab of panic when he stepped back and she saw, really saw, his face. Dark brows hung low, his soft lips pressed together, his eyes were of hot stone. If he were anybody else, she’d have sworn he was freaking out. Big. When he rose and walked inside the house, she had to muscle air in and force her entire system to come down from cloud nine and ease up.

What happened?

What had just happened?

And why he looked at her with sheer panic booming on his face? He’d bared his heart one moment, then boom. He ran away.

Summer shook her head to reset reality.

It was not how people behave after a kiss. Right? A little more than a peck on the lips, if she had to be honest, which came unexpected from someone as intense as he was. Not a big deal. Yeah, kind of mind blowing and soul shattering in its effects but still a peck, and he’d ran like she’d demanded marriage.

It needed to be talked through because come on, it was plain odd and she hated unsettled, odd things.

She got on her feet and made her way inside trying to avoid whoever’s eyes and gaping mouths. Because they were at a party in a house garden with other people, not exactly Times Square, so of course they’d all seen, and of course they were staring.

Holy. Crap.


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