About me

Well, it’s me. I am MacKade. MacKade when I write contemporary, and V.V. Strange when I write paranormal or fantasy romance. to be specific.

And I am very happy to meet you. 

I started writing the usual introduction, you know, the story of my life and blah blah blah. Who has the time to read that? So here it is, quick and sweet.

                                                              1980 – 2000 ~ Baby Vivi

I was born in the countryside in the Langhe region, where the wine is good and Nutella flows, carried by my family’s hazelnut farm.

2000 -2006 ~ University time in Law School

In Turin (my city if not my hometown), those years are also known as the time when they tried to take my soul, eat it, and spit it out with deep contempt. I was a female, one not coming from generations of lawyers, and I had a professional diploma. I was in the lowest tier of the Law School society.  I had grit, though, drive, peer pressure immunity, and a genuine love for learning and the spirit of the law. I got out with an MD in comparative law, my soul, and a few concepts I still carry with me. Justice, fixing the wrongs, what laws are supposed to be and do. Nothing major, as you can see. Never a lawyer, I will always be a scholar of the law. 

2006 – 2012 ~ Norwich time. 

My now husband and I moved to the UK right after he got out of university (molecular biology). What a time. Couldn’t speak a word of English, didn’t have a house, a job, nothing. Fast forward 6 years and we left with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology (him), and the idea of a writing career for me on top of a lot of life experience.

2012 – today ~ Florida time. 

We moved to Florida because of his job. Here in the Sunshine State is where shit got real. We turned into parents (what???), we bought a house, got big ass jobs, and did the whole crazy thing. These are the days, man.

My books? I got 6 of them, and two are in the making. Made it to Amazon’s 100 paid book list – twice – thank you very much.

I write contemporary suspense because I love the adventure, the danger, the mystery of it, and I love to see the leading couple getting out of trouble. 

And I write paranormal/fantasy because I love the possibilities. Also, writing new worlds is a fantastic thing to do.

Beside all, I write because I need to.

I hope you decide to tag along, and if you do, here are the the places where you can find me


Last pic is with my Marco just because.