On Tour with New release Immortal Defiance (Dulcea’s Rebellion, #1) by Laura Maybrooke and Meet the Author

So many shades of great from the cover!

Immortal Defiance (Dulcea’s Rebellion, #1) by Laura Maybrooke released last week in the Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal,Romance genre.

Some things never die. Hope. Heroes. Defiance. Things take a strange turn for Dulcea, the elven enchantress turned war heroine and Dragonmistress, when a countryman’s betrayal lands her in enemy hands.

As she awaits her execution, a stranger with mysterious powers offers her another chance at life. Will she die here or risk what sinister fate he has in store for her?

Can Dulcea reclaim her rightful place and lead her army once more? Or does Krath, the man who travels the Realm of the Dead as one of its own, prove to be the obstacle that fells her rebellion?

… Or will this immortal vampire warrior turn out to be the best chance she has of defying the ancient evil arising in the west?


AUTHOR BIO: “I live in my own little world. But it’s ok, they know me here.” (Who besides me has this fridge magnet; raise your hand!)

That’s sometimes what it feels like. Who says stories aren’t real? I live in the land of the Midnight Sun and Polar Nights, together with my husband and daughter, and a cast of fantasy characters running around in my head. It’s busy here. Care to stay and chat a while?

Laura Maybrooke is an 80s’ child, who works too much and writes too little, but who’ll never say no to a thrilling romance, a high fantasy adventure, or a cookbook full of delicious treats she’d like to bake one day.

I asked Laura if the place she lives found its way in the story? Did it inspire her in some way?

Can you separate yourself from your writing, or do we always bring something of our ourselves or our surroundings into it, no matter how otherworldly or fantastic the story? Katherine Center is credited with having said: “There is no question that the objects that surround us impact our experience of the world.”

As I live on plain old Earth, and the story of Immortal Defiance takes place in a medieval-like fantasy world, at first glance there would seem to be no connection between the two locations. However, like in the aforementioned quote, we are all products of the place and time we live in. My writing is inseparable from me, and I am inseparable from the place and world in which I live.

I have always been a meticulous worldbuilder. Even fantasy worlds must conform to certain logic, and what better way to build a solid foundation than to model it after something proven to work in real life.

The story of Immortal Defiance and its sequels takes place on the continent of Caeryn, a troubled continent on the eastern side of the known world. It is a continent housing over ten different countries, each with their own landscapes and cultures. Most of the series takes place in the Kingdom of Usvameer, modelled after the northern European country of Finland which I call my residence.

Usvameer’s year features four distinctive seasons, like it does in my own country. Daylight hours are long, almost around the clock during the height of summer, and likewise winter days are dark, even continuously sunless in the north.

Like Finland, Usvameer, too, shares the landscape of my home. It is filled with boreal forests and lakes, the kind that make up the summer trips of my childhood. Its land is low and flat, containing vast and sparsely populated wilderness areas, except in the north where hills and fells abound.

And snow. As someone who enjoys the four seasons of the year, winter and heavy snowfall will play an essential part of the Dulcea’s Rebellion book series, in books two and three as the season progress from fall to winter. My elven heroine Dulcea, who hails from a land with no snow, will in the book act as the voice of someone who’s never seen snow before. These descriptions, and how the cold winter affects her army, is one of my favorite things to write in the upcoming books.

Lastly, because I speak such a little-spoken language as my mother tongue, with English being only my second language, it has allowed me to use some Finnish words for both character and place names in my story. Usvameer itself is a twist on the words “usva” and “meri”, meaning “Fog Sea” in Finnish. And its neighbouring country, Lavea, a large wilderness area, simply means “Vast” in my mother tongue.

Author links:https://lauramaybrooke.com/



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