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Buck Up, Buttercup  (Montgomery Brothers Book 1) by Anna Alkire released in June in the romantic comedy genre.

All’s fair in love and war.
With Randi and Buck, it’s hard to tell the two apart…

An uptight, self-contained college girl, Randi Becker just needed one thing: a room. Somewhere she could study, and keep away from the things that most confuse and frighten her: people.

Unfortunately, the “nice quiet place” she reserved turns out to be a room in the campus’ most raucous house. A place seemingly designed to make studying impossible, made even worse by the other girls’ non-stop drama.

But then Buck, a fun-loving cowboy whom all the ladies love, shows up…and everything gets much worse.

Buck seems to have it all: friends, fun, and a never-ending line of admirers. But what he most desires is a break. So when Buck spots Randi, he figures she’s a perfect decoy: he can play up a “crush” on her that will take him off the market; buy him some breathing room. And if he can tease her a bit, and get under the skin of the uptight busybody? Well, that’s just gravy.

But Buck is about to find more than he bargained for. Randi’s strong-willed, opinionated, difficult—and maybe just what he needs. And Buck isn’t alone. Soon Randi wonders as well…if the world she wanted is really the world she needs. If her future is nothing more than a diploma on the wall. And if the most important thing in her world isn’t a grade, but the cowboy who’s planted his boots firmly in her heart.

Fans of Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare and Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game will delight at this mix of romantic comedy, contemporary romance, and cultures colliding in a campus town with a western flair. Grab your copy today, and fall in love with Buck Up, Buttercup!



Anna Alkire has been a long-term college student, a business owner, and a world traveler. Now “settled”—with a sigh and a cup of decaf—Anna lives in Washington state, where she splits her time between a husband who thinks the North Pole would be a great place to live, chasing her hurricane of a son, learning new handicrafts, and creating worlds full of the kind of romance and fun she most wants to read. Find more about her (and grab a freebie or two) at her website, annaalkire.com.

Can you tell us about the title of the book?

The title of my book, Buck Up, Buttercup, plays off of a few story lines in the book. Randi Becker, the heroine, has been through a lot of loss including losing her grandparents who raised her. “Buck up, buttercup,” was a phrase her grandfather used to say to her. Buck is also the name of the hero and the innuendo made me smile. Writers and their little jokes!

Here’s an acrostic from the title: 

B for bad boys, who have big hearts

U for undercurrents of secret fantasies

C for characters, real and varied

K for kindred spirits, where you least expect to find them

U for undressing, and not tripping over your shoes

P for a party pooper, who changes her mind

B for bad girls, tough and wild

U for unforeseen consequences of over imbibing 

T for trying something new, like a night in the sack with a playboy…

T for temptation and that little devil whispering in your ear

E for the easy grin of a man who gets what he wants

R for rescue, mostly from yourself

for coffee, life force in a cup

for unexpected, and finding love in another tribe (so to speak)

P for proposals that make you want to hide



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