Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon by Deborah A. Bailey

I love this line: Love will be resurrected in blood and fire… it’s so powerful!

Worlds of Fire: Blood Red Moon by Deborah A. Bailey released in November in the Romantic Fantasy genre.

Out of the ashes, a new beginning…

When his family and most of their kind were destroyed by the Guild, Derek inherited the position of Vampire Lord. Alchemists held the keys to creating portals to other worlds, knowledge they passed down to phoenixes. Their utopian society was crushed when the Guild invaded, intending to unlock the powerful secrets phoenixes possess. Lovers Derek and Avani met the night their city was sacked and after the city succumbed, they were lost to each other.

Love will be resurrected in blood and fire…

Having lost her memory, Avani became a protégé of the Guild Master, conditioned by magic to believe shifters and vampires were evil. Eventually, she was made Seeker, tasked with finding the Vampire Lord in order to gain access to phoenixes.

When Derek finds Avani, he neutralizes the magic that’s kept her from remembering who she is. However, the Templars have almost certainly made a pact with the enemy of all supernatural creatures, in order to gain access to the portals. Only a phoenix can save the world from utter ruin now, but that was precisely the asking price…

“You’re thinking about the Guild, aren’t you? They don’t deserve your thoughts, or anything else.” Derek was standing next to the tub, undressing.

How had he known? Could he read my thoughts? Another thing I’d heard that vampires could do. As if in response the stabbing pain increased, like something within me was fighting to get out. Each stab cut deeper and deeper and I doubled over.

The water was shut off. I felt pressure on my back, moving me forward. Then splashing as Derek joined me in the tub. He sat and braced his legs on either side of me. He put his arms around me, holding on as I shivered. 

His presence surrounded me like the water. A vampire. My enemy. A dangerous predator who I’d been taught to fear and hate.

Derek pulled my hair back and bared my neck. Soon he would sink his teeth into me to save me. Or he would have his revenge for what we’d done to his people. Maybe that had been his plan all along. I’d be less trouble dead.

In the cooling water, his touch melted me as he glided his tongue over my neck. The pain in my chest slowly subsided. Not gone but not dominant anymore. My body was becoming attuned to him. My gasps of pain lessening as my breathing matched his. In and out. In and out. Steady. Deliberate.

The Vampire Lord and the Seeker. Finally, together at last. But not in the way I’d always thought we’d be.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Deborah A Bailey’s Paranormal & Science Fiction Romance novels include suspense, a bit of mystery and a lot of romantic heat.

Her short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference and have been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun and are included in, Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales. She’s the author of non-fiction books, and articles for various online publications.

Visit her site for more information and subscribe to the newsletter here: so you’ll be the first to find out about giveaways, book launches and sneak peeks.

What is the theme of the book?

Usually while I’m writing a book, I look for quotes to use. Those quotes are my way of sharing the theme of the book with the reader. For Blood Red Moon I decided to use three quotes for different sections of the book: the beginning, the middle and the climax.

1. “In Order to Rise from its Own Ashes, A Phoenix Must First Burn” – Octavia E Butler

Actually, this quote inspired me to write a book about a phoenix shifter. It says to me that we may have to go through certain trials and experiences in order to come into our own. Unfortunately, it often takes life lessons for us to realize what we’re made of.

Avani, the heroine and Derek, the hero have no idea what they have to do in order to fulfill their destiny. Their city was destroyed before they received the teachings. In their new life together, they don’t always make the best choices. Sometimes they don’t because of fear or not fully trusting each other. In order to learn and grow and be together, they have to go through those rough parts.

2. “Don’t You Know It Yet? It is Your Light that Lights the Worlds.” – Rumi

I have a lot of Rumi quotes collected and this is one of my favorites. In the book it relates to how the Avani must learn to accept herself. She’s confused because she’s forgotten her early life with Derek. She’s in a new situation and isn’t sure where she fits in. The key to her stepping into her power is for her to accept that she has it. And that is something I think that people in general can relate to.

3. “If You Surrendered to the Air, You Could Ride It.” – Toni Morrison

This quote is from one of Morrison’s novels and that story has nothing to do with mine. But I felt the quote was a fit because surrender is a key part of Avani’s experience in the story. She has to stop fighting against her fears and her memories of what happened in the past. Also, she has to deal with the antagonist who is fighting against her and Derek. Ultimately she has to accept that she has the power to defeat him.

Overall, the theme of the book is about discovering who you are and stepping into your purpose. And it’s also about the power of love, since that’s what reunites Derek and Avani in spite of the forces that try to keep them apart.




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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt, Deborah and your book sounds like a fantastic read for me and I love the cover! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a happy & successful New Year!

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