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Okay there is Christmas, a small town in the mountain, a big butt party, and a dog. Nothing is missing. There’s zero chances it’s not going to be the perfect read for a chilly weekend.

Christmas in Silverwood by Dorothy Dreyer will release tomorrow in the Adult, Contemporary, Romance genre.

Holly St. Ives is in a rut. Once a celebrated artist making waves in New York City, she finds herself uninspired and unmotivated. Her recent break-up is the last push she needs to spend Christmas alone in the small mountain cabin her father left her in his will—a family getaway she hasn’t visited in years.

After a near accident in Silverwood, she meets Nick, whom she learns is responsible for everything in the small town running like clockwork—including the upcoming Christmas festival and the town’s entry in the state-wide tree decorating contest. Holly doesn’t have time for Nick’s beguiling charm or mouth-watering holiday cupcakes, but after meeting his father, she discovers there’s more to the town’s obsession with the contest than meets the eye.

Touched by the prospect that the whole town is willing to pitch in for a good cause, Holly can feel her Christmas spirit making a comeback as Nick—and his team of Alaskan Malamutes—works his way into her heart to show her the meaning of Christmas again.


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AUTHOR BIO:Dorothy Dreyer is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author. Born in Angeles City, Philippines to a Filipino mother and American Father, Dorothy grew up a military brat, living in Guam, Massachusetts, South Dakota, New Jersey, and New York. She now lives in Frankfurt, Germany with her family and two Siberian huskies. Dorothy is bilingual, and speaks fluent English and German.

Holly St. Ives and Found Family

In Christmas in Silverwood, Holly St. Ives is spending the holidays without family. Her father passed away, and her mother has moved back to the Philippines to take care of Holly’s aunt. She has no siblings, and no other relatives living nearby. With her relationship having recently fallen apart, Holly is resolved to spending Christmas alone.

But Holly can deal with it. She’s a tough lady. And maybe she needs some “me time.”

Deciding to seclude herself in a mountain cabin her father left her, Holly finds herself meeting old and new faces in the town where she spent all her childhood holidays. Reuniting with ties from the past and immersing herself in the pool of locals, Holly begins to form bonds that will soon become important connections.

Her first connection is Nick, whom she meets by “accident,” when she swerves her car to avoid hitting Nick’s dog darting across the snow-covered road. At first, Holly is put off by Nick’s easy manner and charm, but she soon comes to learn that Nick may just be the key to Holly finding herself again.

Between Nick and his family—and the adorable Alaskan Malamutes that appear everywhere in town—and her old friends in town whom she knew when she was younger, Holly finds relationships that run deep, that pull her out of the rut she began her trip on, and that, in a sense, save her and instill in her a new sense of hope and certainty. What was once lost, emerges anew. And Holly discovers what “found family” is.

Found family, by definition, is a group of people who come to love each other like family, even though they aren’t biologically related. It involves two or more people choosing to treat one another as family in an emotional sense, and in Holly’s case, these people pull at her heartstrings at the time she needs it the most.

It wasn’t me time she needed. It’s we time. And her new found family could turn out to be the best Christmas miracle she could have asked for.

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