The Company of Stonemasons (The Chichester Diamond – Book 1) by Graham Williams #Books #Historical

A lot of my favorite books came to mind reading this synopsis, The Name of The Rose being one.

The Company of Stonemasons (The Chichester Diamond – Book 1) by Graham Williams released in January in the in the Historical Fiction.

The summer of 1545 and there’s murder in the Cathedral of Chichester. An honest family of stonemasons heads to the city to repair the building only to find the massive spire is in danger of collapse and they’re walking into a plot to steal taxes from King Henry VIII.

Stonemason’s teenage sons, Edward and the artistic prodigy, Adam hear stories of the Chichester diamond, buried somewhere in the cathedral and start their own search, not knowing the powerful evil that surrounds them.

A true thriller, filled with danger and humour, stonemasons working at terrifying heights and amongst all the friars and priests, who can they really trust?

As usual, you can read a sample of the book by following the link to Amazon (click on the cover before the synopsis).


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Being retired, I have the time now to write and tell stories. I am registered as blind, and I am profoundly dyslexic, and I rely on the wonders of technology to bring out my stories, and to live. I spend many hours walking around London, as this is where I find most of my inspiration from. The places, sounds and smells of the city, I have a love for. To know one’s history is to know one’s self. I hope you enjoy them.

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  • $25 Amazon/BN GC“>



  1. Hello, It’s Graham Williams the Author of the book before you.
    Firest I would like to thank the host for hosting my book, Thank you very much.
    and I would like to thank all that show an interest in my book and to those who kindly read my books. I welcome any feedback or questions you may have.

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