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This story is so cool!

Absolution: Redux (Elohim Trilogy, #1) by Louis Corsair released in September in the Adult, Urban Fantasy genre.

At the end of the original Absolution, the Executor traveled back in Time and altered Reality. But by doing so, he set in motion a plan to end his existence and collapse Creation. Because of his actions, there is Absolution: REDUX…

In 1947, a gangster murders private investigator Raymond Adams. In 2011, he’s brought back to life for 24 hours to solve the supernatural murder of a Hollywood Adult film star.

When the son of a Pit Lord is murdered in Hollywood, the celestial beings in charge of the Realms ask Raymond Adams to figure who did it and find the victim’s missing soul. Without memories of his life, he accepts the case to gain eternal peace. But the job is daunting:

24 hours to nab a killer…
24 hours to find a missing soul…
24 hours to unravel the victim’s exotic private life…
24 hours to stop a plot to send the universe into chaos…

With only the help of a possessed cop and a medium, Adams must trek through a Hollywood underground filled with pornography, prostitutes, and sadists, along with supernatural monsters. But can he solve the case when his own haunting memories keep surfacing, telling him exactly what kind of man he was in life?


B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/absolution-redux-louis-corsair/1137675152?ean=2940162310945#1)

Apple https://books.apple.com/nz/book/absolution-redux/id1532119854?ign-gact=1

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/absolution-redux

AUTHOR BIO: Louis Corsair is an eight-year veteran of the United States Army. Currently living in Los Angeles, California, he spends his time reading books, going on walks, writing, and enjoying the occasional visit to the beach–while trying to earn an honest buck. As a Los Angeles writer, he feels the weight of famous Los Angeles novelists, like Raymond Chandler, John Fante, Nina Revoyr, among others. 

This is the first book in the series, how is it going to develop?

Hello to Viviana and her readers!

This is Louis Corsair. Today, I get to butt in and ramble on about my work. There’s a question at the top of this post, which I will attempt to answer.

Don’t worry. I won’t waste too much of your time. Or mine.

So, the book, Absolution: Redux, is book one of the Elohim Trilogy. Cool. Got that.


It is also the start of a bigger story, called “A Song for Adam Kadmon.”


The Elohim Trilogy consists of four books, Absolution, Absolution: Redux, Ascension, and Apotheosis.

Okay, yeah, I know a trilogy has three books. A quartet has four, etc. It’s not a mistake.

Once upon a time, I wrote the original Absolution.

I wrote the second book in the trilogy, Ascension, immediately afterwards. And I was getting ready to revise it, with the intent to publish it. But something happened.

I instead published a completely different story called The Quantum of the Past—at the time it had nothing to do with the Elohim trilogy. And then, I wrote another book called The Wizards.

The funny thing is that The Wizards is a book associated with the Elohim Trilogy, but not a part of it. The short stories were an exercise to help me develop the world I had created in the original Absolution.

The Wizards became more than just an exercise. And the world building? It evolved. There were elements of the world that I introduced in the Wizards, which developed and brought about other elements. Soon, the world I had created in the original Absolution no longer fit into the world in The Wizards.

So, I did what any other artist with too much time would do: I reworked the original Absolution, to make it fit better with The Wizards.

Story-wise, I had an excuse for doing this: At the end of the original Absolution, the bad guy goes back in Time to rework Reality and then goes forward again.

So, Absolution is nearly identical to Absolution: Redux. The differences set it apart: The world building; key elements in Absolution: Redux are purposely different.

But don’t worry reader. You don’t have to read the original Absolution (though I’m giving it away for free—except on Amazon, which doesn’t let me make the price 0.00).

You just have to be aware that there is an original Absolution.

Ascension follows Absolution: Redux and Apotheosis follows Ascension.

A trilogy! Ta daaa!


That one is easier to describe. It is a story that grew out of the original Absolution. It is a much bigger story that has three acts.

The Elohim Trilogy is act one. Included in the whole story will be several story arcs. The Wizards is included in it, and so are The Quantum of the Past: Redux and The Wizards Collide. They are now integrated into the larger story.

Typically, a fantasy series will follow a main character as he or she goes through a story arc. Take the Harry Potter books, for example.

Seven books. One main villain (Voldemort). One up and coming hero (Harry Potter).

And then, there are series that go on indefinitely (it seems). They don’t have a main antagonist, but they do have one hero.

Like the Dresden Files. One hero (Harry Dresden). Multiple stories and story arcs.

The Adam Kadmon story isn’t like those two types of stories.

One hero? Try multiple. One villain? Uhhhh…try multiple consequences, with each bringing in its own antagonist.

As far as antagonists go: Detective Raymond Adams has the Executor; the Wizards have the Elder Sisters; Miles Trevor has the Anti-life.

As for story arcs? There are smaller story arcs that occur within the umbrella of the larger story arc of Adam Kadmon.

This structure is complex, but it allows the characters to evolve. Each story will have its own identity. And these stories will overlap, intersect, overwhelm, each other.

Act One of this Song had seven books.

Interlude one will have three books.

Act Two will have ten (as of right now).

Interlude two will have two books (as of right now).

Act Three… I predict about ten.

Yeah. The acts are similar to the ‘phases’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s the best way to describe the structure. At least, that’s the vision of the story I have right now. At this moment. This second.

And, well, I think I’ve rambled long enough.

Thanks for your patience.


Author links:https://louiscorsair.blogspot.com/https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5804069.Louis_Corsair


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