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This is definitely my kind of story.

Tristan – The Hawks book 1 by Jennie Lynn Roberts released a month back in the Adult, Fantasy, Romance genre.

His redemption might be her downfall…
Tristan has nothing left to lose. His best friend’s betrayal cost him everything. Now, he’s going to take it back. All he has to do to get the Hawks reinstated to their rightful position at the palace is track down the traitor’s younger sister and turn her over for execution. But Nim’s not the girl Tristan left behind years ago; she’s a stubborn, loyal, beautiful woman, and he can’t stop himself from wanting her.

Nim fled with nothing when the king’s favorite came for her. All she has left is the conviction that her brother is innocent—and her determination to free him. She’ll do anything…even if it means convincing Tristan to help her. But the man he’s become is a far cry from the boy she fell in love with so long ago. He’s formidably stern and deeply untrusting. She’ll just have to hope he still has a heart under that battle-scarred exterior.

When love and duty collide, will Tristan follow his orders or follow his heart?

Tristan, book 1 in The Hawks series, is a sexy, steamy, adult fantasy romance full of swords, shifters (kind of), and tons of action. But fair warning: This book is intended only for readers who love slow burn romance, fast-paced adventure, soul mates and found family—and characters who curse when they fight for survival. If that’s you, happy reading.


AUTHOR BIO: Jennie Lynn Roberts believes that every strong, kickass heroine should have control of her own story, a swoony hero to support her at every turn, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Because that doesn’t always happen in real life, she began creating her own worlds that work just the way they should. And she hasn’t looked back since.   

Jennie would rather be writing than doing anything else—except for spending time with her gorgeous family, of course. But when she isn’t building vibrant new worlds, she can be found nattering with friends, baking up a storm, or strolling in the woods around her home in England.  

If you want to talk books, romance, movies, reluctant heroes, or just about anything else with Jennie, feel free to contact her But be prepared to settle in for a long chat if you bring up shifters, vampires, Star Wars, or The Princess Bride….

Can you talk to us about the fantasy element in this story?

I love fantasy—I grew up reading Tolkien, Neil Gaiman and Robin Hobb—and I also love character driven romance. I hope that I have combined the two in Tristan.

The story is a fantasy romance set in Brythoria, a beautiful but dangerous ancient kingdom.

Many generations ago, A Brythorian princess married a prince from their northern neighbour—Verturia—in an attempt to create ties between the two kingdoms.

Sadly, the princess died soon after childbirth. The Brythorians accused the Verturians of killing their princess, and the two kingdoms have been in conflict ever since.

The story opens with the two kingdoms attempting to end the lengthy war and the Brythorian king travelling north to Ravenstone to sign a treaty with Verturia. However, the king is betrayed and there is a terrible massacre.

Tristan (the captain of the palace guard) is blamed for the failings at Ravenstone and demoted by the new king after the massacre. He is also considered suspect because the man accused of masterminding the betrayal is his best friend, Val. Tristan is stripped of his rank and banished from the palace with his handful of surviving squad members—the Hawks.

Some weeks after their exile, the Hawks are given new orders by the palace—hunt down Val’s co-conspirator and younger sister, Nim. If they capture her and deliver her to the new king, they will be rewarded by being reinstated as the palace guards.

In Tristan, you will find the political intrigues, royal machinations, kings, princesses, warriors and mercenaries that you might expect in a fantasy story. In addition, there are an array of complex peoples with their own histories, cultures and mystical abilities informing their behavior and their decisions.

Tristan is a Tarasque. He, like all his people, has a powerful inner beast. When he is threatened, his beast covers his skin in a wave of jewel-colored armored scales. Nim is a Mabin, she has wide, leathery wings that bleed silver, and silver flecks in her eyes that reflect her emotions.

The world they live in and their unique cultures and abilities are important to Tristan and Nim, influencing their strengths and weaknesses, decisions and expectations. But their emotions are the same as all of ours—hope, fear, grief, and ultimately, love.


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  1. Jennie Lynn Roberts is a new author to me, but I look forward to reading this. I always love meeting new authors. Thanks to this blog for the introduction.

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