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It’s kind of easy, the second chance deal where you had a thing for your classmate, either one leaves, and meet back 20 years later. You knew this person, but it was so long ago that you really start from scratches. When you married someone, and that goes bad? That is a whole different level of second chances. I love this book for telling this story–among the other things 😀

Parallax (S3 Book 1) by Dixie Jackson release in October in the Romance Suspense genre.

Six years later, Trent Wayland still isn’t over his spring fling. Probably because he was convinced when he married Captain Leila O’Neil, their fling would go on a lifetime. Leila is his soul mate and Trent knows it. He might not admit it on a regular basis, but that doesn’t negate the raw emotion she draws out of him each and every time he thinks about her. Forget the fact his heart splits in two all over again when he’s afforded the luxury of hearing her voice. That doesn’t happen often, however. Leila only tosses a handful of words his way when she initiates the weekly video calls he’s allowed with the other love of his life, their daughter Lucy.

Once upon a time, Leila O’Neil wanted to be a Marine when she grew up. She worked hard, she landed a seat at the Academy, and she was the head of her class. Then her dream was destroyed and she traded it in for a new one at the nearest Coterie portal. She wears so many faces and so many hats, at some point she lost track of her soul. That didn’t really bother her until Trent Wayland came along and almost peeled her dressing room curtain back nearly exposing her innermost person. The real person, the real Leila, who once upon a time wanted to be a Marine when she grew up.

Leila misses the real person, and realizes it at the worst possible moment. With her daughter’s life on the line and Trent on the scene of the crime, Leila figures out she’s been using her hurt and anger to fuel all the wrong goals. In a daring move, she puts it all on the line, hoping it’s enough to gain her freedom from her handlers and her husband’s forgiveness.

“How is it we’re in the middle of the biggest crisis of our lives and I’m so damn mad at you I want to hate you, but can’t?” Trent said, inching closer to her lips. “How is it, I want you so much I’d sell a piece of my soul to the devil to have you?”

“I’ve sold plenty of pieces of mine,” Leila whispered, straining against his hold, trying to bridge the gap between them. “It only hurts for a minute.”

His lips barely brushed hers before a tortured groan rolled out of him and tightened his grip. “Damn it,” he hissed over his teeth.

He turned loose of her so quickly Leila took a bounced step back before finding purchase of her balance again as he threw his hands up and turned his back to her. Running his hands over his head, his breaths were labored and his shoulders shook with what Leila suspected to be the same raw emotions running through her own system.

Leila stayed the desire to take the few steps between them and drop kick him to the floor where he’d be at her mercy for a tortured few moments. Instead, she jerked her robe over her shoulders, tugged it around her middle, and in one swift motion tied the belt.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born and raised in the heart of the Ozarks, Dixie Jackson learned a love of the written word at a young age. She remembers spinning tales before she could even write them down, but it was the encouragement of her sixth-grade creative writing teacher which would plant the idea that just never seemed to go away. She wanted to someday see her works in print.

Dixie makes her home in the Great Smoky Mountains with her retired Marine husband, two rescue dogs, and her beloved chickens. When she’s not writing, you can find her digging in the dirt and nurturing her plants while plotting the next step in one story line or another. She also loves experimenting in her kitchen, embroidering, quilting, crocheting, tracing her family’s twisted tree, and of course reading.

What are you working on now?

I’m knee-deep in finishing the S3 series, which Parallax is book one of. As of now, six books are planned in total with a possible novella for a side character who I feel may need a bit more of his story told. Book two, Recoil, is with my editor while I’m about three-quarters of the way finished with book three, Residue. While those are my main focus right now, I have a couple of stand-alone titles which are in my projects folder that I take out every so often and add to a bit.

Do you have a day job? What was your job before you started writing full time?

I don’t have a job outside the home. I haven’t for a few years now. That being said, writing isn’t a full-time gig for me in the most traditional sense of that phrase. I put out books regularly, but I have a host of other things that fill my days and make my life full and rich. I belong to an elite organization which is community and nation service oriented. Right now, we’re knee-deep in some things we’re working on for veterans in our local community. As far as what I did before I started seeking publication, I was a Jill of all trades, so to speak. Moving so often with a husband who spent thirty years in the Armed Forces, I changed jobs often. I’ve worked in a few different banks, worked in retail, been in the services industry, and I’ve even owned my own quilting business.

How do you keep from resenting your duties when you have to stop writing to take care of them?

I don’t ever resent having to set aside writing to work on something else. Everything in my life is fulfilling to me in some way and I just see setting one thing aside as making time for something else that enriches my life. And I want that. I want that for everyone. I think being consumed by any one individual thing isn’t healthy.

What do your friend and family think about your being a writer?

They’re super supportive! They all read my books and talk to people about what I do.

What does your writing space look like?

I share an office space with my husband. It’s a pretty large room that houses both our desks and a couple of bookshelves with all our favorite reads on them. I have these gorgeous eclectic curtains in bright colors and a rug to match. And my desk faces a huge picture window and on the other side of the glass we have several bird feeders set up so I can watch the birds while I’m sitting here. My writing space rocks!

Do you outline books ahead of time or are you more of a by-the-seat-of-your-pants writer?

I’m kind of a hybrid. I love to outline and have a plan, but if the characters should derail the plan at any point, I’m more than willing to negotiate with them.

What has been one of your most rewarding experiences as an author?

Holding my first paperback. There’s really nothing like receiving the first paperback copy of your work, holding it in your hands. It is amazing!

How long does it take to write a story?

That depends on the story. I’ve taken less than thirty days to write a short work and as long as a year with a more intense story line. I don’t set unrealistic deadlines for myself because I want to give my best to each and every story so my readers have a quality product when I’m finished. I believe in quality over quantity any day.

Pen or computer: Both? I like to take hard notes on a notepad. I’ve even written scenes in the car on a notepad when in a pinch then typed it up when I got back in front of the computer.

Music or silence: Normally music, but if I’m having an off day many times I’ll opt for silence so as to collect my thoughts without distraction.

If you could have any accent from anywhere in the world, which would it be?

I have an accent. A deep-seated southern hybrid of a thing. I was born and raised in southern Missouri, married a man from southern Delaware, and have lived in the Deep South for the last twenty years, give or take. Some have asked me if I’m from Texas. Funny story about my accent. We lived in Washington State for a few years. Apparently, they don’t get many southerners there and people would ask me just to say anything to them so they could listen to my voice. It was a bit weird at first, I’ll admit.

First thought when the alarm goes off in the in the morning?

Dear God, it’s me Dixie…

What errand/chore do you despise the most?

Cleaning the toilet. Yuck!

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