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This story is great. I mean, we always forget that our parents/grandparents/family had a life, heartbreaks, victories… this is a great reminder to stop and ask questions, and listen to their stories.

No More Secrets by Joanne Guidoccio released in September in the Women’s Fiction genre.

Angelica Delfino takes a special interest in the lives of her three nieces, whom she affectionately calls the daughters of her heart. Sensing that each woman is harboring a troubling, possibly even toxic secret, Angelica decides to share her secrets—secrets she had planned to take to the grave. Spellbound, the nieces listen as Angelica travels back six decades to reveal an incredulous tale of forbidden love, tragic loss, and reinvention. It is the classic immigrant story upended: an Italian widow’s transformative journey amid the most unlikely of circumstances.

Inspired by Angelica’s example, the younger women share their “First World” problems and, in the process, set themselves free.

But one heartbreaking secret remains untold…

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“Go,” Kelly said. “Your aunt is dying, and this could be your last opportunity to spend some quality time together.”

“Her oncologist shared good news last week,” Nora said. “Her blood counts have improved, and the cancer hadn’t spread since her last visit. He mumbled something about a miracle.”

“A miracle?” Kelly’s eyes widened. “Has your aunt been seeing a healer?”

“You could say that,” Nora said as her eyes twinkled. “Right after Christmas, she hired a companion who’s been able to transform her life. I don’t know her real name. My mother calls her Bellastrega—beautiful witch.” All recent conversations with Ma had focused on Bellastrega. Relieved not to have to share her own problems, Nora had encouraged her mother to talk about the beautiful witch who had turned all their lives upside down. Nora enjoyed the weekly updates that sounded like soap operas.

“Is she a beautiful witch?”

Nora shrugged. “My mother mentioned her dyed-blonde hair, too-skinny body, and watery eyes. She’s put Zia on a vegan diet and an exercise regimen. At Christmas, Zia needed a walker to get around, but now she’s walking freely. My mother and aunt are convinced that Bellastrega is a witch who’ll end up robbing Angelica and leaving.” Nora had tried to point out that if Bellastrega’s intention was to steal, it would make more sense to let Angelica get weaker.        

“She sounds intriguing,” Kelly said. “I’d go just to meet this woman.”

“Hmm. I guess.” Nora was curious and wouldn’t mind sitting and chatting with the woman about wellness. But from Zia Angelica’s email, it sounded like Bellastrega would leave soon after everyone arrived.

“Think of it as an adventure. How many beautiful witches have you met in this lifetime?”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

In 2008, Joanne Guidoccio took advantage of early retirement and launched a second act as a writer. Her articles and book reviews have been published in newspapers, magazines, and online. When she tried her hand at fiction, she made reinvention a recurring theme in her novels and short stories. A member of Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime, and Women’s Fiction Writers Association, Joanne writes paranormal romances, cozy mysteries, and inspirational literature from her home base of Guelph, Ontario.

Daughters of the Heart – Their Backstories

Angelica Delfino is determined to help her three nieces—Velia, Nora, Teresa—whom she affectionately calls the daughters of her heart. She senses that each woman is at crossroads and uncertain how to move forward. Hoping that the younger women will be more forthcoming, Angelica plans an all-girls weekend where she will share her own secrets, secrets she had planned to take to the grave.

A Quick Look at Each Niece…

The eldest, Velia Cosentino-Russo, is the quintessential good Italian girl. Married at age 23 to a successful businessman, she produced two male heirs. Content to stay home and raise her family, Velia excelled in all the domestic arts, creating a sanctuary for her husband and sons. While her family and friends believe she won the life lottery, Velia has a very different take on all that simulated perfection. On the cusp of celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary, Velia discovers a shocking truth about her husband.

Nora Moretti-Baker is the cousin closest to Velia in age but the farthest apart in temperament. Considered the clan’s black sheep, Nora has always felt “less than” her more educated and enterprising siblings and cousins. Divorced after a disastrous marriage that barely lasted a year, Nora experimented with several career paths until she settled on interior design. Recently laid off and struggling to survive on her dwindling savings, Nora takes desperate measures.

Teresa Moretti, Nora’s younger sister, is single and a theology department head at a Catholic high school. She is also four months pregnant and determined to keep it a secret from her family and colleagues. Introverted and non-confrontational, Teresa prefers to maintain a low profile during clan gatherings. She considers sending her regrets to Angelica.

From the start, Bellastrega (Angelica’s psychic companion) has misgivings about this all-girls weekend. Upon meeting the nieces, she forms the following impression:

Bossy Pants, Wild Woman, and Madonna. Let the games begin.

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