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As far as premises go, everyone on Earth dying is one strong enough to hold to the entire book. Also, I want a jacket just like the one the heroine is wearing in the cover. Also, I love this story. I wish I could tell you I’ll read it and write a review, but with baby girl just a few weeks away, I don’t make promises except that I bought it (because I did), and I’ll read it. Hopefully, it’s what I need to get over the reader’s block I’ve been stuck into lately (no pressure).

The Pantheon Prophecy (Paladin Series 1) by A. Maureen Burns released in January in the Adult, Fantasy Genre.

We live in a world where demigods , gods, and Ancients from the Pantheon are sworn to protect humanity. So when an exiled member of the Pantheon decides to kill everyone on earth, a demigod knight is given the mission to stop it with the help of a human.

28 year old book store owner, Elspeth, is about to find out she’s a natural born witch when she’s approached by the immortal knight in charge of protecting her.

Luka has been offered ascension into the Pantheon as a god if he completes his mission and stops the moon from colliding with the earth but his charge doesn’t truly know the first thing about her gift of mind-reading or anything about her rightful place within the Pantheon.

Everyone on the planet will die if Elspeth and Luka can’t find a way to trust in their own abilities and work together despite their growing attraction for each other.


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AUTHOR BIO:Maureen is an Air Force vet and world traveler. When she’s not hanging out with family, friends, and a menagerie of family pets, she’s dabbling in photography. Reading and writing have been a part of her life for just over three decades and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. This is great because this world-creator has dozens of souls living in her head that are waiting to be written down and shared with the world. 

Series or standalone?

by A. Maureen Burns

Before I ever wrote the first word I knew this was going to be part of a series.  My Virtual Assistant, Maria Connor, brainstormed with me a loose outline for at least 9 books!  As a reader, I love getting into a universe and watching characters grow and mature into their new lives.  For me, I was looking for a series to read that was more of a new adult post apocalyptic story that included magic.  Very specific, right?  Turns out there aren’t many like that, especially one that started in Scotland.  So, I wrote them myself.

While there are many romance books, I’d wager most, that include a lot of sex, I didn’t want to write that into my stories.  It’s not that I’m a prude (at least I don’t think so,) it’s just I’m more into the actual romance of romance books.  You know, the long gazes, the accidental brushes of fingers.  The tight stomachs when they get close.  Those first kisses are doozies as well.  Those are what I wanted to write about in the midst of the world falling apart.

The first book, Pantheon Prophecy, starts in our regular world but quickly descends into a story about destruction.  All the while, Elspeth and Luka are thrown together to save us all and find out they love each other.  In book two, we’ll see Fiona and Bihn journey to the center of the world to start the core back up and they’ll find their true selves and their love for each other.

That’s what all my stories are about-loving yourself before you love anyone else.  We don’t need another person to make us whole.  I want to write stories that let the reader know that it’s okay to be who you are right now, where you are.  You feel you’re too fat to be loved?  Wrong?  Too skinny?  Wrong?  There’s nothing that you are right now that’s wrong as long as you’re true to yourself FIRST.  

I grew up reading those romance books with the white cover and they taught me that the man was in charge and I would be damn lucky to get any man’s attention.  Usher in Nora Robert’s books and the script was flipped in my mind.  Forget being the submissive woman.  She taught me that magic was wonderful and a man would be damn lucky to be with me because I’m amazing just as I am.  I hope to inspire other readers to feel the same.

So yes.  I am writing a series because I can’t imagine that’s a message that can be overstated.

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