On Tour with New Release The Good for Nothings by Danielle Banas and Meet the Author #SciFi #YA

This is absolute delight. Come on. That cover, that title, the characters. And yes, I’m a big Guardian of the Galaxy fan.

The Good for Nothings by Danielle Banas released Tuesday in the Science Fiction, Young Adult genre.

They’re only good at being bad.
Cora Saros is just trying her best to join the family business of theft and intergalactic smuggling. Unfortunately, she’s a total disaster.

After landing herself in prison following an attempted heist gone very wrong, she strikes a bargain with the prison warden: He’ll expunge her record if she brings back a long-lost treasure rumored to grant immortality.

Cora is skeptical, but with no other way out of prison (and back in her family’s good graces), she has no choice but to assemble a crew from her collection of misfit cellmates—a disgraced warrior from an alien planet; a cocky pirate who claims to have the largest ship in the galaxy; and a glitch-prone robot with a penchant for baking—and take off after the fabled prize.

But the ragtag group soon discovers that not only is the too-good-to-be-true treasure very real, but they’re also not the only crew on the hunt for it. And it’s definitely a prize worth killing for.

Whip-smart and utterly charming, this irreverent sci-fi adventure is perfect for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lunar Chronicles, and Firefly.


Purchase: B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-good-for-nothings-danielle-banas/1131993082?ean=9781250311252

iBooks: https://books.apple.com/ca/book/the-good-for-nothings/id1479420155?mt=11&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/nz/en/ebook/the-good-for-nothings

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=5IicDwAAQBAJ

AUTHOR BIO:Danielle Banas is the author of THE SUPERVILLAIN AND ME and THE GOOD FOR NOTHINGS. She earned a degree in communication from Robert Morris University, where she spent slightly too much time daydreaming about new characters instead of paying attention in class. When she isn’t writing, Danielle can be found loudly singing show tunes, spouting off Disney World trivia, and snuggling with her puppy. She lives in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Can you tell us more about the other characters that will be with Cora?

In The Good for Nothings, Cora Saros is joined by her android BFF Elio, an Earth girl named Wren, and a giant red alien named Anders, who was born on a planet with some seriously violent tendencies. The four of my squishy little misfits meet in a prison cell right after Cora and Elio, who work for Cora’s mother’s infamous crime family, completely botch one of their jobs and get caught. It definitely takes a while for all of them to warm up to each other, but once the prison warden promises them their freedom in exchange for locating a hidden treasure, they have to put their differences aside and work together.

In order for me to describe Cora, Elio, Wren, and Anders to you in the best and most entertaining way possible, I thought it would be fun to compare them to Bruster’s Ice Cream flavors! (Just so you know, it’s 90 degrees outside while I’m writing this post and National Ice Cream Day is three days away, so my mind is thinking about one thing and one thing only.)

First up, the main character of The Good for Nothings, Cora Saros. If Cora were an ice cream flavor, she would be key lime pie. Why? Both tart and sweet, Cora is determined to save her best friend, Elio (whose android body is growing too old and starting to fail him), even at the expense of destroying everyone else around her. Cora, who is quite the little inventor and tech whiz, has great intentions, but she doesn’t always go about them the right way. Maybe it’s a side effect of being raised in a house filled with criminals? But I guess it’s the thought that counts. Right?

Next is Elio! The ice cream flavor I chose for him is called Cookie Craze, which is described as vanilla ice cream loaded with chunks of Oreo cookies, crushed sugar cookies, and cookie dough pieces. In The Good for Nothings, Elio will tell anyone who will listen that his favorite food in the world is cookies. Unfortunately, he’s a robot and is unable to eat. (But don’t tell him that.) If he could leave his smuggling career behind and choose a new one, he would probably open up a patisserie because baking is his biggest passion. Unfortunately, he’s not very good. And unfortunately, his body is breaking down, so who knows how much longer he’ll be able to bake his rock hard chocolate chip cookies. There are a lot of “unfortunatelies” where Elio is concerned. Unfortunately.

Now we have Wren! Her ice cream flavor is called Espresso Yourself. It’s cold brew coffee ice cream with chocolate flakes and crunchy pie crust pieces. Honestly, probably the last thing Wren needs is caffeine. Always down for a chat (especially if it’s about the multitude of shiny items she pilfers every time she goes out), Wren is originally from Earth. But don’t hold that against her! This space pirate is the friendliest Earthan you’ll ever meet. Ask her about her ship, the Starchaser. It’s the largest in the galaxy! Or so she claims. Just don’t ask her where she bought it, because, well… she didn’t buy it. It’s 100% stolen. Oops.

And finally, we have Anders (AKA Andy, AKA Andykins). His flavor is Cayenne Chocolate Chunk, which is rich chocolate ice cream spiced with cinnamon and cayenne and loaded with chocolate chunks. Cayenne is kind of an aggressive ice cream flavor, in my opinion, and Anders is kind of an aggressive alien with a messy past and a very twisted reason for ending up in prison. He’s the definition of off-putting at first glance, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. He might even be quite sweet on the inside. In fact, in the second half of the book, Cora tells him that he has a gentle soul. He kind of yells at her after that though, so… maybe not so gentle?

Even though they’re all a bit zany, I hope you enjoy my space children as much as I do! Now go get yourself some ice cream. (Or another dessert of your choice.) You deserve it after reading this post!

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