On Tour with Sketches of Life by A. Gavazzoni and Meet the Author #Action #mystery #historical

In times like ours, right now, I found myself drawn to stories of hardship and, like the synopsis says, trying to adapt a world in turmoil. This one is the perfect example of it.

Sketches of Life by A. Gavazzoni released in November in the  Action-mystery-historical genre.

In the middle of WWII, France has surrendered to Germany, and young Lily, half French and half American, has her life turned upside down. A careless girl full of dreams, Lily must leave France and go to her father’s homeland, taking her mother with her. Lily’s mother becomes completely dependent upon her teenage daughter, and Lily is forced to grow up quickly. Trying her best to support them both, balancing work and dreams of continuing her studies, Lily meets her first love and discovers passion and betrayal on her way. Ninon is a survivor. Alone in the world, she works as an exotic dancer in a French cabaret called Le Passioné, where she moves her hips to put food on her plate until a new and dangerous opportunity is presented to her. Although Ninon has lost faith in love and God, life will show her surprises can be found around every corner. France, the United States, Spain, Austria, and Argentina present the backdrops for an epic tale of people trying to adapt to a world in turmoil—one that’s filled with secrets and surprises.

The book will be $0.99. 

Book trailer:

“I have a job proposition for you, one I think you may find interesting. After I tell you about that, if you are interested, I’ll tell how I know all about your life.”

“Job proposition?”

“I’m part of a group of people who track down criminals. We capture them and take them to meet Lady Justice. There are plenty of bad guys out there, and we need help finding them. We need agents.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A. Gavazzoni is a Brazilian writer, a former professor of law and has been a practicing lawyer for 28 years.  Her first series of self-published novels,  Hidden Motives: Behind the Door, Lara´s Journal and The Brilliant Game, won several writing contests, gathered five gold medals, one bronze medal, five honorable mentions and was finalist of many great contests (B.R.A.G medallion (Gold Medal); Book Excellence Awards (Two Gold medals);  e-lite awards (Gold medal), Golden Book Award (Gold Medal);  IPPY AWARDS (Bronze Medal), Readers Favorite (three honorable mentions); Paris Book Festival (Three honorable mentions); Eric Hoffer Book Award (Finalist); American Fiction Awards (Finalist); Indie Excellence Awards (Finalist); Independent Author Network (Finalist); Indie Excellence (Finalist); The IAN book of the year awards (Finalist); The Kindle-book award (semi-finalist).

Adriana speaks Portuguese (her native language), English, French and Spanish and she loves to travel.  Adriana loves to cook for her friends, to dance the tango, to work out, she is a voracious reader and a proud dog’s mom of two girls, Juno and Charlotte.

What would you say is Lily’s trait that makes her endure (and, I hope, end up a winner) all that life’s thrown at her? 

Lilly decided early in her life she needed to adapt to whatever life presented to her, or she wouldn’t survive. Her resilience is her key to confronting the challenges she faces, and her determination to accomplish her goals is her primary motivation. She is not immune to pain and heartbreak, but she does her best to overcome obstacles. After suffering loses and experiencing disappointments, she decides to live one day at a time and try to forecast the future. Lilly is sketching her life with the resources she has and always takes advantage of a good opportunity.

Website: http://www.agavazzoni.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/adri_gavazzoni/

Twitter https://twitter.com/a_gavazzoni

FB: https://www.facebook.com/A-Gavazzoni-513404948849469/

This post is part of a Tour. The tour dates can be found here:   https://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2020/06/vbt-sketches-of-life-by-gavazzoni.html


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