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The question is really unavoidable: what is that one choice you’d do everything to change? I think I’m very lucky because if I wouldn’t do exactly the same things, there’s nothing I would want to chance so bad to go back and fix.

The Do-Over by Jennifer Honeybourn releases today in the Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult genre.

Emelia has always wanted to fit in with the A crowd. So, when Ben, the hottest guy in school, asks her out, she chooses him over Alistair, her best friend—even after he confesses his feelings to her.

Six months later, Emilia wonders how her life would have been different if she’d chosen Alistair instead. Haunted by her mistake, she finds a magical solution that promises to rectify the past. As a result, everything in her life is different.

Different, but not better.

In The Do-Over, a teenage girl gets the chance to redo her past in this smart and charming YA novel by the author of When Life Gives You Demons, Jennifer Honeybourn.

What happens if her second chance is her only chance to make things right?Goodreadshttps://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46223189-the-do-over

Purchase: B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-do-over-jennifer-honeybourn/1131993076?ean=9781250194688

iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/the-do-over/id1480236244

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-do-over-15

AUTHOR BIO:Jennifer Honeybourn works in corporate communications in Vancouver, British Columbia. She’s a fan of British accents, Broadway musicals, and epic, happily-ever-after love stories. If she could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, she’d have high tea with Walt Disney, JK Rowling, and her nana. She lives with her husband, daughter and cat in a house filled with books. Wesley James Ruined My Life is her first novel.

About the book and change the past

by Jennifer Honeybourn

A long time ago, I watched a movie, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Essentially, it’s about a guy (Ashton Kutcher) who can travel back in time to change a bad decision he made in his past. That decision effected his present, always in very drastic (and mostly really terrible) ways.

I can’t recall too much about the plot of the movie (it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, but I remember that it was dark and that he went back again and again and again, trying to make his life turn out in a not terrible way), but the idea of how the choices someone makes in their life — small decisions and fork-in-the-road decisions — can lead them down an entirely different path has stuck with me ever since.

I carried that idea into my book THE DO-OVER. The big, life-changing decision Emelia makes is choosing Ben, the hot popular guy, over Alistair, her best friend/maybe something more. She soon regrets that decision (Ben and popularity turn out to be not so great) but by then it’s too late — Alistair has moved on and she’s lost her chance with him. So, when she discovers a magical solution that will allow her to go back and skip the party where she got together with Ben, she jumps on it. Unfortunately for her, things don’t turn out as planned.

When I was writing this book, I thought a lot about regret and the many different turns my own life could have taken, had I made different choices — taking (or leaving) a job, moving (or not moving), pursuing a different career. While there are a few choices I wouldn’t necessarily make again, I don’t regret any of them — the life I have now is built on those decisions and I’m more than happy with how everything has turned out. So, unlike Emelia, if I was offered a magic crystal that could change something in my past, I definitely wouldn’t touch it. But that doesn’t mean that my imagination doesn’t sometimes explore all the different lives I could have led — it just means that I wouldn’t trade the one I ended up with for any of them.

Author links:https://www.jenniferhoneybourn.com/





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