Release Day for Never Enough by Kristina M. Sanchez #Romance #books

I read the plot, and then I read that little line on the cover (top -left). I realized I wasn’t sure who was the one talking. I mean, the Hero is a self-confessed failure, but there’s a lot going on behind the Heroine’s surface, too. Which made this book so vey appealing!

Never Enough by Kristina M. Sanchez releases today in the Contemporary Romance genre.

At thirty-seven, Valentin Belmonte returned to his mother’s house with his tail between his legs. No surprise there. His life had been a long line of bad choices, failures, and trouble. Also returning home, freshly graduated and on the hunt for a job, was Mina Toussaint, the orphan Val’s mother and stepfather had taken in when he was already grown. She’d been the only person who’d ever really liked him, but he’d screwed that up a long time ago.

Mina’s adoptive family had treated her like the perfect princess and little girl they always wanted. Val was the only one who’d ever seen her for who she really was; she’d never wanted to be a princess. But after what happened when she was sixteen, she thought she hated him. Now, six years later, things were different. She wasn’t the child she’d been when she got so angry. The trouble was that Val hadn’t changed. He still saw her.

Frankly, he saw too much.

“You’re a good boy who tries so hard to be rotten, and I’ll never understand why,” Cora said.

Val scoffed. “I’m a good boy? Yeah, sure. You ever stop to consider maybe being rotten is my default setting? It’s just me. I don’t have to try. Look, if you’re going to kick me out again, can you just do it? I know you told me you wouldn’t let me back in if I left.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kristina M. Sanchez began her life-long love of writing as a small, insomniac child, making up stories about Bugs Bunny to occupy herself when everyone in the house was asleep. She lives now in Southern California with two cats and an enchanting hurricane—err—toddler. An enchanting, smarty-pants, bewildering toddler. Kristina is an asexual, happily single mother by choice. You might think that’s a weird kind of person to be writing romance novels, but the best science-fiction writers have never been to space, so there you go.






  • $20 Amazon or B/N GC


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