On Tour with All That’s Hidden (Sugar Shack, #2) by Susan Golden and Meet the Author

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All That’s Hidden (Sugar Shack, #2) by Susan Golden released in August in the Adult, Contemporary, Comedy, Romance genre.

Pet sitter turned entrepreneur, Jennifer Albright thinks she has it all: an expanding business, a new, blissful marriage to a very sexy husband, a dog named Rupert that people frequently think is a bear, and a parrot named Sugar that Jennifer’s pretty sure is psychic. But her idyllic life begins to unravel when a series of creepy incidents threatens to sabotage the launch of her doggie day care center, and the discovery of a hidden treasure thrusts her into the world of federal agents and international thievery. The chaos soon spills over onto her home life and Jennifer reluctantly begins to suspect that her seemingly perfect, unbelievably supportive husband is hiding something from her. There’s just so much that doesn’t add up.

Tech-mogul Ryan has found the love of his life in his adorable new bride, Jennifer. But trouble seems to follow her like a basset hound. When one strange twist of events offers Ryan an opportunity he feels he can’t pass up, he unknowingly launches himself down the road of suspicion and mistrust. But he’s got this covered. She doesn’t suspect a thing.


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AUTHOR BIO:Retired federal government employee turned accidental author.

I asked Susan if any part of her former job get into the story, and here’s what she told me.

I hate spy novels. I suppose it’s a little like a cop reading crime novels or a doctor reading medical mysteries. Unless they are written by experts, there’s going to be things that are wrong. I understand creative license, the need to make things exciting and the suspension of reality for the sake of the story. But everyone knows what doctors do and how they go about their jobs. Pretty much the same for the police and the FBI when they are after criminals. For the average person, the world of espionage gets pretty murky pretty quickly. Fiction is not reality. And that’s fine. I love a good Mission Impossible. I can go along with The Man from Uncle. The problem as I see it is when fiction gets mistaken for reality.  Spies are foreigners and there is no James Bond. Analysts write papers and no one gets “disavowed.”  

In this world today, when conspiracy theories for every little thing are widely disseminated and far too frequently fervently embraced, that mixing of fact and fiction is not helpful. It is, of course, the job of an author to weave a good story not to explain where fact meets fiction. I wouldn’t expect otherwise. But reality can be exciting too, although not necessarily filled with car chases, rogue assassins and vast sinister cabals. Just look at Zero Dark Thirty, Argo and Red Sparrow. Reality may be quieter and move more slowly, but it’s certainly captivating and tense.

All That’s Hidden is a romance novel. First and foremost, it is about Jennifer and Ryan and the challenges to their faith and trust in each other. It is sweet, steamy, amusing and hopefully, engaging. But all the Sugar Shack series stories have an intelligence/counterintelligence subplot. Afterall, something has to happen along with the romance. And as the saying goes: “write what you know.”  The intelligence arena was a natural go-to for a story line. Are the events based on a real incident? No. Are they based on reality? Yes, my background wouldn’t let me do anything less. The situation itself is contrived. The way it is handled and the explanations provided for the choices made are firmly grounded in reality. Just my way of shedding a little light on something real that is generally hidden.




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