Release Day for Doctor Millionaire (A Hopewell Millionaires Sweet Romance) by Elle Rush and Meet the Author

This is a big time second chance.

Doctor Millionaire (A Hopewell Millionaires Sweet Romance) by Elle Rush releases today in the Adult, Contemporary, Christian Romance genre.

Twelve friends.
Ten-year reunion.
One $50,000,000 lottery ticket.

The only reason Dr. Doug Little returned to work in his dying hometown was to keep a promise. Two years and he’s gone. The only things getting him through his first couple months are his ten-year reunion and working with his old high-school crush.

Although Jackie Dunn loves her quiet world, her small-town life gets even harder when her part-time hospital job is in peril. If not for her friends’ encouragement, she’d head to the city for better opportunities for herself.

At the reunion, all the returning graduates chip in for a lottery ticket, but nobody expects to win the fifty-million-dollar jackpot. Doug’s share should be more than enough to buy his freedom, but the town doesn’t want to let their new doctor go. Jackie is the only thing that makes Hopewell bearable; the problem is the more time he spends with her, the more he forgets how much he wants to leave. 

When he finally finds a way to escape, Doug realizes he’ll be doing it alone. Jackie doesn’t have much time to show him the life he accidentally created for himself in Hopewell is far better than anything his millions could buy him anywhere else.






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“Do you think it’s too much?” she asked.

“Is what too much? Dinner?”

“Dinner at one of the best restaurants in the province. Is it too much? I mean, I’d be happy with the Italian place in Brandon. This is an extra two hours away.” She was already in her fanciest outfit. Maybe she needed more. She still had time to cancel. Patricia would cover for her.

“First of all, stop being a drama queen. Fake it if you have to. Secondly, guys like to impress girls on their first date. Well, second date, but your first one was quite the disaster, so he should be making up for it. Be impressed. He’s going to some effort for you.” 

Since her roommate never tolerated drama, Jackie took a breath. She must be right. This was Doug’s idea, so he must think she was worth it. “Drama done.”

“He’s starting the evening by taking you out for a decadent meal. Then what?” 

“We’re going to an art show at some gallery in the Exchange District.”

Patricia choked on her chip and handed the bowl to Jackie as she recovered from her coughing fit. “I’m sorry. I thought you were going out with Doug Little?”

 “What’s wrong with going to a gallery? I’ve never gone to one before. It sounds like it could be interesting.” 

“I don’t think Doug’s been to one either. He was never the artistic type.”

“Maybe he developed an interest when him moved to the city. Or got involved in the arts scene through work.” Jackie thought it was interesting Doug had chosen such a surprising event for their second date. It made her more curious about what else she didn’t know about him.

“I’m sure it’ll be fun.” Patricia made a face as she said it.

“I doubt your sincerity.” But she didn’t have time to doubt it for long. She saw Doug’s car pull to the curb. “Don’t wait up.”

AUTHOR BIO:Elle Rush is a contemporary romance author from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When she’s not travelling, she’s hard at work writing books which are set all over the world. From Hollywood to the house next door, her heroes will make you sigh, and her heroines will make you laugh out loud.

Elle has a degree in Spanish and French, barely passed German, and has flunked poetry in every language she ever studied, including English. She also has mild addictions to tea, yarn, bad sci-fi movies, and HGTV.

Elle’s interview of… Elle!

Have I have ever won the lottery?

Yes! When I was ten, my dad brought home 4 lotto tickets, one for each of us. We matched six numbers and won $5000.  My sister and I pooled our shares to buy a brand-new organ with the fancy harpsichord tabs for and twenty-four beat options for our music lessons. 

What would I do with my share of $50,000,000?

I’d pay off my family’s debts. I’d donate a good sum to charity. Then I’d book a five-star, three-month tour of Europe and see every tourist trap and historical site possible. 

Do I prefer small towns or big cities?

Having done both, I lean toward city living. I love having my conveniences close by. That said, the outdoors and gardening part of large property lots in small towns rather than the postage-stamp size city ones are really appealing.

What would I miss most if I moved to a small town?

All the restaurant options (like Doug), without a doubt. And movie theatres.

Did I go to my ten-year reunion?

Yes, and my twenty-year reunion. I had a good time at both. I did NOT try to wear any clothing I had left from my high school days, although I had a couple pair of earrings that still fit.

Small town fairs – yay or nay?

Definitely yay. They are the best. I’ve returned to my hometown for its birthday weekend a couple times, and we plan to hit other festivals in nearby Manitoba towns next summer.

Am I an art gallery person?

I’ve been a few. They can be cool, and I’m in awe over painters and sculptors. I’ve never been to an actual show opening but I’d would like to try the experience.

Would I want to date a chef?

It would be a nice treat, but I can hold my own in the kitchen when it comes to baking and cooking. (I’ve even put out a couple casual dining cookbooks). Not to mention, jamming and pickling are two of our favourite summer hobbies, so I wouldn’t want to give those up.

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