New Release: Dark Justice by Angela Smith and Meet the Author

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Dark Justice by Angela Smith releases tomorrow in the romantic suspense genre.

She’s in love with her sister’s killer…Lauren has loved Luke since first grade. They planned to marry—until he murdered her sister. The moment he was sentenced to prison, Lauren fled with her secret baby and made a new life. Now she’ll do anything to keep their daughter safe. But her hard won peace shatters when Luke is exonerated, and it sets her on a path of mixed emotions to discover the truth. Letting a killer into their tightly knit family is out of the question. Or is it?
She almost destroys her life by threatening his…Prison stole his future with Lauren and twelve years of Luke’s life, so the last thing he needs from her is a knife in the back or a gun in his face. Lauren believes he killed her sister, and he has no plans to pick up where they left off. Luke can’t afford to trust her, but he wants nothing more than to convince her he’s worth fighting for.
Their daughter is in danger… Luke is heartbroken when he learns they had a child together. Now his daughter is in danger. Lauren trusted the wrong person for far too long, but he hopes she’ll now trust him. Luke will risk everything to keep them safe. And Lauren will risk everything if she lets him into her heart.

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Adapting to the openness had taken awhile. In prison, he’d been alone, despite the crowd. But here, he was out in the boondocks with the crickets croaking and the coyotes yapping, echoing and prolonging the eerie silence afterward.

He loved it. But after his release, he dreaded every moment. The silence. Feeling incredibly alone. He’d considered a pet, but the upkeep was more than he was willing to handle at the moment.

He jumped when the door slammed and Lauren waltzed out.

“I love jalapeno poppers,” she said. “Can’t remember the last time I’ve grilled some of those.”

“I’ve got the makings if you want to do it.”

She clapped her hands together. “Yes, let’s do that.”

“I picked enough jalapenos this morning, but we can always grab more from the garden if you want.”

“Too dark and I’m afraid of snakes. I’m sure you have plenty.”

She prepped the poppers and he prepped the fire, and they drank another margarita while the food cooked. They sat around the fire under the stars instead of the deck, near a large oak tree that had been the focal point of many parties with friends and family. They chatted about the weather, the river and the current news. Once the poppers were done, they ate a few and chatted more, but nothing too serious.

“You wanna just eat jalapeno poppers and margaritas tonight?” he asked, never wanting this night to end.  

“Sounds wonderful.”

He grabbed a stick and thrust a wiener on it. “How about we at least roast wieners?”

Laughing, she seized the stick and jabbed it in the fire. “I thought I had already roasted yours.”

His loins jumped. “That you did.”

She removed the burning wiener from the fire and blew on it. As she took it from the stick she muttered. “Hot, hot, hot.”

He grabbed a paper plate and placed it under the wiener, where she let it fall. “Of course, it’s hot silly. It just came from the fire.”

She set the plate on the table and blurted, “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.”

“You didn’t trust that the hot dog was hot?” He took his from the fire and blew, but laid it across the plate before sliding it from the stick.

“No.” She swept her hand through the air. “About everything else. For years I thought you had slaughtered my sister. How can I step away from that and remember what things were like before?”

Shadows skimmed Lauren’s body. The dim light from the fire and from the deck’s lighting flickered around her, enough to discern most of her features. He leaned closer and brushed a finger across her cheek. “Knowing me the way you did, how could you even think I would do something like that?”

Lauren shrugged. “Maybe I had a few doubts, but I called it wishful thinking. Then I went through such pain and heartache I didn’t have room for doubts. Everyone convinced me. Your cap. Your knife. Your motive. Clint…” Her voice bubbled, a tenuous thread of something he couldn’t name. Regret? Remorse? Confusion?

Luke jerked away. His muscles tensed, gut twitched.

“We became friends. Not like you and I were, but he was there for me—”

“Of course he was.” His voice was harsh, hot like the fire steaming from his pit.

“As Laramie grew up, he became her godfather. But she didn’t like him and never wanted to be alone with him. She never accused him of anything, but she steered clear of him. Even her instincts were right and I couldn’t see through my pain.”

He stood. Yes, they should have this conversation. They needed to have this conversation at one point. And now was as good a time as any. But it was too hard to sit. Too hard to face the demons that Lauren’s mistrust in him had stirred.

“If I had doubts, I…I—”

“You had too many people lying to you.”

She stood and planted her palms on his chest. “But you never lied, did you? You were the only person who didn’t.”

About the Author

Angela Smith is a Texas native who, years ago, was dubbed most likely to write a novel during her senior year in high school. She always had her nose stuck in a book, even hiding them behind her textbooks during school study time. Her dream began at a young age when her sister started reciting ‘Brer Rabbit’ after their mom read it to them so often. She told her mom she’d write a story one day and never gave up on that dream even though her mom was never able to see it come to fruition. By day, she works as a certified paralegal and office manager at her local District Attorney’s office and spends her free time with her husband, their pets, and their many hobbies. Although life in general keeps her very busy, her passion for writing and getting the stories out of her head tends to make her restless if she isn’t following what some people call her destiny.

Working for Prosecution

For the past twenty-one years, I have worked for the District Attorney’s Office in my hometown. Although I love a good thriller novel, Dark Justice is the closest I have ever come to writing about prosecution and a prosecutor’s office.

I’ve completely changed since working there, because you see so many bad things. My former DA once said, “I’m never surprised, but often disappointed,” and that has come true for me on many occasions.

As Lauren states when she’s talking to Luke in Dark Justice, “There are never any winners in my line of work. Someone always suffers.” If prosecution gets a guilty, victims are still victims and have suffered tremendously, and the defendant’s family suffers loss as well. It can really play havoc with a person’s psyche after a while. And I don’t mean that in any bad way, because (again, as Lauren says—and maybe I am speaking through her) I do okay, and you learn how to deal.

My coworkers and I often joke about having PTSD, although I promise it isn’t anything that could cause us to do something dangerous. We believe in justice and try to do our best. Even if the public doesn’t always understand or like the decisions. Sometimes, a really bad person gets a slap on the hand and sometimes, a really good person gets jail time. It is never cookie cutter.

I’m just glad I’m not the actual prosecutor making decisions on people’s life, but I have been around many attorney personalities and have seen many types, including good ones who struggle with decisions they have to make. 

What happens in Dark Justice is a travesty, and not something I have ever experienced and hope never actually happen. Bad prosecution and crooked cops covering a crime so that an innocent man goes to prion.

It has happened, and was heavily influenced by what happened to a man in Texas who spent twenty-five years in prison for murdering his wife, whom he did not murder. He went to work one day and came home and found her dead. A construction worker, who was never looked into, ended up killing more, and the prosecution team did refuse to release evidence that was found at the crime scene. Probably because they truly believed they found their guy. That is no excuse, and I can’t imagine what the innocent husband went through. But he’s influenced some laws, including one where all prosecutors’ evidence must be given to the defense. I used Luke in Dark Justice to be an influence as well when he makes a speech at a conference for prosecutors.

Lauren works as a victim coordinator, which is also a requirement for all prosecutor offices in Texas. They assist victims in many ways and sometimes deal with victims of the nature she deals with when they believe Luke was released and then killed their daughter. Well, I’ve never seen anything that bad, I do over-dramatize a bit in this story of course, but that pretty much could happen in real life. This book was so very difficult to write, finish, and pursue publication for those reasons.

One thing I have learned is that there are some truly evil people out there, but there are also good people who made a really bad decision.

Well, that’s just a bit of what goes on in my brain and what it’s like to work for twenty-one years at a prosecutor’s office. I hope it isn’t too confusing and does shed some light on this very complicated field called criminal justice.








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