On Tour with Chance Series by J. Bliss and Meet the Author

A full story that follows the characters as they go through, well, a lot.

Chance Series by J. Bliss is an Adult, Romance, Suspense.

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Not By Chance ~ Chance Book 1

Drew Rodd has the desire to escape the shadow of his parents and avoid following in the footsteps of his father and his destructive tendencies. At just twenty-four, Drew is promoted to Executive Director at Rival Tech.

Drew’s way of life involves a constant struggle with his father’s devious intentions and manipulations. He is always seeking to prick and prod Drew to advance and become a pawn to further his own success. Drew is determined to value his hate to get ahead professionally, but the beasts from his past keep lurking.

Jasmine Chance is in her last year of college, a challenge she chose after suffering through physical abuse and leaving home without ever looking back. She has done all she can to carry on toward graduating with her college degree, she believes a brighter future will keep her away from the nightmare that was her childhood. 
However, her life changes forever the day she met Drew.

A dinner party draws the two together in an electrifying way. After being preyed upon by their pasts, they stick together closely as a couple once their life circles out of whack. Will their electrifying romance be their saving grace or will it destroy them?

Not by Chance will be Free May 1, and 8-10

Taking Chances ~ Chance book 2:

This story follows Jasmine Chance who is lying in a coma after being brutally attacked by her mother’s boyfriend. Andrew Rodd stays by her side during her recovery after the sudden trauma. As she prepares for her new start in Paris, France she moves in with Drew and they fall in love, but it is not as easy. She’s dealing with discovering what she wants and likes while facing the aftermath of her attack, family members that are attempting to make her life a living hell, and the news that her biological father has been in contact with her sister.

Being in a relationship with Drew seems impossible. Jasmine feels like she’s never going to escape the ongoing drama of her past. Jasmine’s new start feels like it’s in jeopardy and she has to decide whether staying in Atlanta or following her dream of going to Paris is best.

99 cents April 28- May 1st

Last Chance ~ Chance book 3

After a traumatic attack, Jasmine Chance recovers from a coma and decides to take on the life she’s always longed for in Paris. While there she encounters a man from her past, causing her to re-evaluate what she truly desires. 

As the love of her life, Andrew Rodd, is fighting for their relationship, his company is threatened, forcing him to choose between struggling to make things work with Jasmine and staying in Atlanta to uphold his business.

Will Jasmine find the balance between her passions, companionship, and the future of her business? Will Drew choose to maintain order in his company and remain loyal to his best friend or finally win the love of his life? Only time can tell if this will be their last chance.

 99 cents May 1st-6th


J. Bliss Influenced by, Maya Angelo, Terry McMillan, and her own mother’s prestigious writing, J. Bliss began writing stimulating poetry at the age of thirteen. She dreamt of being an author and never gave up on the passion deep to write that she held within herself.

Her first novel originated from a past radio talk show she was the host of, based on many callers that spoke about having marital problems, most of which stemmed from a lack of intimacy. Drawing from her own experiences and struggles, she felt compelled to write Lovers of Convenience leading to Not by Chance.

Hi, J, and thank you for being here! Your mother was a prestigious writer. How did this fact influenced your own writing? Was it good or bad?

My mother inspired me to write as a child and continues today. She was an English teacher and although she did not tell me to pursue writing, she stressed for me to follow my dream.  My passion just happen to be writing, but I did not recognize it as a child.  I perceived it as a core subject everyone had to learn to survive their education.

As a child, I recall going to writer’s workshops with my mother and I wanted her to myself. I didn’t care for her instructing other people only spending time with me. It was interesting because when I had a daughter, I notice she responded the same way with myself. I laugh today thinking about it. I was a child then, I wanted my mommy to myself.  Moreover, my mother’s writings encouraged me because I was proud of her writing. I only wish she had more of her work published. As a single parent, raising six children publishing was not and still is not the most easy process.

My mother had her work published in school curriculum, she was instrumental in the development of the Black Arts Movement in Dallas, Texas. Her work was published in various newspapers and overall, her accomplishments set a foundation for what I would strive for in my writing, which is giving people a lesson to learn.

I remember one night, I wrote an essay and took it to my mother. She returned the loose sheet paper, it resembled a murder scene.  After making revisions, I was confident I improved.  She gave me my paper and I frowned thinking ‘this looks like a double homicide took place on my paper.’  I am happy I can laugh about this today but I must say as a child it was my driving force to get better.  Today, children get upset and give up, if you return a document as my mother did when I was a child.

I spent the entire night correcting my paper, hand writing it with a pen and paper, determined. When she gave me my final draft at midnight, there were still red ink stains, less but it was still marks.

She looked at me and said, “I will always find something, you have to learn how your teacher examines papers. Keep practicing but tonight go to sleep!”  I went to school and turned in the paper. A week later my teacher returned my paper and I had an A without any crime scene stains drenched on it. Interestingly, I looked at the paper and noticed a grammar error. I did not refute my A, but I realized my mother set a tone for me to not only keep writing but strive for excellence, as I write. She influenced me as a child in my writing and even in her death inspires me to write various stories. In fact, we would brainstorm about the Chance series and after her death I wrote the Holiday Romance, Perfect, Imperfect Christmas, in honor of her.  It is a short story series, based on a young lady experiencing the holiday without her mother. That story means so much to me because in the story though I share moments that reflect how I have felt since her passing through the characters; I also get to keep her alive in my thoughts, heart, and memory through words. Since the death of my mother, the theme of coping with death is used more. I did not use it in the most recent novel Last Chance but the mother of the male character in the story is a reflection of my mother. In my summer release novel, Breaking Dance which is the prequel of the Chance Series, death is mentioned but I am capturing the emotions we must face in order to move on in life.

Reflecting on the question, how did my mother influence me as a writer; I think the best way to answer the question is ‘she still is influencing me to writer and never stop writing.’

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  1. The Chance Series will have you wanting more and more, as you explore the lives of Drew, Jasmine, Victoria, and Romel. J Bliss takes you on a sexual rollercoaster ride with her love scenes, and the bond shared between the friends is just amazing!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Omg!!! The Chance series will take you on an amazing erotic journey with Drew and Jasmine as they find love through their heart aches and pain. J.Bliss is such an amazing author, she never disappoints in any of her books. Grab the whole series today for under $2. You will fall in love with all the characters. Drew is more than thoughtful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vivian I most appreciative to be highlighted on your blog! This interview means the world to me. I shall cherish the questions asked and remarks made. Again thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome read! Love Jasmine and Drew from their meeting in the park to their growing relationship to strong passion for one another it holds you from beginning to the end. It’s a wonderful time meeting all their friends and family. You can’t go wrong with the Chance series. I’m so looking forward to what’s next.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Omg The Chance series will take you on one wild ride. But so well worth it. I was hooked from the first one. J. Bliss is one hell of an author. If you haven’t read them I highly recommend you doing so. So glad I took the Chance ride.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awesome read! I fell in love with Drew and Jasmine.
    From the park to their growing relationship to the passion they share. Wow! I also enjoyed getting to know their family and friends. Awesome series and author. I can’t wait to see more.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. J. Bliss is a very talented writer whose books will have you wanting more. I’m waiting on her latest book Breaking Dance this summer; if you haven’t read the Chance Series or the Holiday Romance series “Perfect, Imperfect Christmas grab your copies today.

    Liked by 1 person

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