Lowcountry Incantations by C.J. Geisel

Another, very different paranormal here.

There story is Lowcountry Incantations by C.J. Geisel, paranormal suspense.

Quinn Riley has just had her life turned upside-down. Life is about to get worse…and weird. After losing her job, Quinn Riley goes on the hunt for another boring, nine- to- five when a split- second decision to save a dog turns into a nightmare. The ghost of a stunning young woman in a blue dress starts to follow her, she is forced to move in with a stranger named Caleb, and events in her life have her questioning everything she thought she knew. With the help of Caleb, a new Psychologist turned friend, and a magical root doctor, she navigates the blessings and dangers of her new life.

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“You see, we have da’ powa’ between you and me to talk to da girl.  She wants to talk to us, too.  I can sense it.  She has secrets dat’ need to be told.  We jus’ need ta’ help her,” Cornelia explained, taking a seat across from me.  She lit a large hurricane candle in the middle of the table and started setting out some items that she had grabbed from her walk around the room.  She started muttering something under her breath, something I couldn’t really make out.  I was guessing it was another language.  She almost appeared as if she was going into some sort of trance.  Before I had a chance to react, she reached out for my arm, grabbing it firmly.  In her free hand, she held a spectacularly ornate dagger, bronze and black on its hilt and the carvings too hard to make out in the poor lighting.  My eyes darted back and forth from one hand to another, as if it were a slow motion car wreck and there was nothing I could do but watch.  She had slashed the palm of my hand, swiftly, effortlessly.

“Hey!  What the hell, Cornelia?!”  I shrieked.  I tried to jump up, but her grasp was still firm around my wrist.

She pulled my now bloodied hand above the hurricane candle and allowed three droplets to pool on top of the wax.  She released me at last, and I held my wounded hand against my chest, baffled.  I watched as she did the same to herself, letting our blood mix in the candle’s wax.  All I could do was gawk as our blood mingled and swirled in a pool on top of the hot wax.  The candle’s flame danced into something I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams.  It had life of its own, its body gesturing to Cornelia.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

CJ Geisel is the author of the paranormal crime thriller “Lowcountry” series.  She lives in Florida with her boyfriend, family, and dogs.  She is an animal advocate, especially for those who are misunderstood or disabled.  She also loves baking, photography, and travelling.






  • C.J. Geisel will be awarding a paperback copy of “Lowcountry Incantations” to a randomly drawn winner (U.S. Only) via rafflecopter during the tour.


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  1. Thanks so much for hosting my book! Hello to everyone stopping by! I will stop in throughout the day to answer any questions and chat with anyone who wishes to do so 🙂 Look forward to getting to know all of you!
    -CJ Geisel

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