On Tour with Nothing But Trouble by Ashley Bostock, Meet the Author and Giveaway

Ok, what’s her night’s job? I need to know… ah, I hate it when the synopsizes make me curious! Also, I spoke with Ashley and asked her a question she hates. Perfect ground of a post, if I do say so myself.


The book is Nothing But Trouble by Ashley Bostock, out a few days ago in the Adult, Contemporary, Romance.


Billionaire CEO Michael Vilander needed just one date. Creating a fake profile on his own matchmaking website may not have been his brightest move. But then Sophia Baldwin’s arresting face pops up on his CHAT NOW feature. Not only is she gorgeous, but after spending half the night exchanging messages with her, he finds her to be naive, innocent and way too sexy.

Twenty-four-year-old Sophia Baldwin is barely able to make ends meet. Caring for her sick grandmother prevents her from having a normal life—aspirations of attending college full-time to become a nurse are on the back burner—but then she meets the charming and dazzling Clint on an online dating site. When he asks her to the Denver Arts Foundation’s Annual Valentine’s Day Gala, she’s confident things are looking up.

Once Sophia learns that her hot date is none other than website mogul Michael Vilander, she’s definitely not mentioning her night job. What’s a lie by omission anyway? After all, it’s only one date…Until Michael’s ex flaunts her fancy engagement ring in Michael’s face and something compels Sophia to announce her and Michael’s engagement. AKA, fake engagement. They agree on one month to pretend they’re in love before all bets are off.

Pretending to be in love with a sweet and sexy billionaire, but not actually falling in love, ahem, how hard could it be?

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38819291-nothing-but-trouble?ac=1&from_search=true


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Nothing-Trouble-Irresistible-Billionaires-Book-ebook/dp/B07DDYTLYH/

B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/nothing-but-trouble-ashley-bostock/1128809381?ean=2940155510796

AshleyAshley is a Colorado Native and currently lives in Nebraska, with daydreams of moving back home. All her books feature sexy-as-hell heroes and strong heroines. She loves reading any chance she gets – Jill Shalvis, M. O’Keefe, Rachel Gibson, Karen Robards and Jennifer Probst are some of her favorites! Ashley loves traveling – in a wanderlust’s eyes, she’s hardly touched the world but to those that rarely travel, she’s been everywhere. Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Turks & Caicos, Russia, China, Tahiti, Vietnam and Scotland, just to name a few. Now, with all these places she’d seen, I had to ask her this question. See how it went..

Of all the places you visited, do you have a favorite one? 

I hate this question. And not because its basic or anything. It’s so complex. I’ve literally been around the globe a time or two and there are so many things out there in the world that you discover, that certain things slowly creep onto your list of favorites. For me, it’s not always about one place that I’ve visited that is my favorite but the experience that I had there, that becomes a favorite experience or memory. There are experiences or things that I’ve seen across the world that are so memorable, I will never be able to forget them. Even when I’m old and suffering from memory loss, I pray that the smell of raw fish will remind me of the market in Saigon. When I see tigers in a zoo, I’ll be able to remember that I’ve actually laid on top of those bad boys. Or that I’ve ridden on Elephants—watched them paint on canvas—held and fed a baby cheetah, holding it like a baby. I can’t describe the feeling you get after hiking eight hour days to finally climb the steps and look down at Machu Picchu—it’s like a feeling of gratitude that you finally made it and being awestruck at the wonder and beauty in front of you. It’s nerve wracking to go inside a yummy ramen shop in Japan where there are only ten chairs and you’re the only American in there, but at the same time, it gives you a sense of pride and confidence that you didn’t know you had.

While the Wonders of the World are amazing—which is why they are Wonders, right?—there are otherworldly and crazy things that I’ve seen that I’m grateful for—I’ve seen women shoot ping pong balls out of their vaginas, smoke cigarettes, shoot a balloon with a dart and pop it. Crazy, right? This kind of stuff would never happen in America. Or if it does, can you show me where? I live for the adventure, the unknown and not-so-regulated structure of places that are so different from America. 

So long story short, my most-favorite place I’ve visited…Russia. I went on a seven day Trans-Siberian train ride from Moscow to Beijing. It was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever.    

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