(thought of the day)(more like wild rambling but whatever).

Tuesday, July 17

When you read the critique of the first chapter in Aidan’s story, a critique made by Daryl Devoré (a friend and an author I look up to) and she brings you to tears with only a few lines.

This is what she said: Free yourself. Let your voice run free. You have a great one.

Monday, July 16

Are you one of those people who always sound professional and cool when making calls to, for example, roofers (the people who fix roofs)?

If you answered yes, I don’t like you too much right about now.

I just called a guy to come to the place we’re trying to buy for a quote on the fascia (getting technical, I know), and it was such a dumb-assed phone call. Oh my god.

“Hi, I… uh… I called friday–no, probably Thursday, for a quote for–because we just had the inspection and, uh, we need a quote to see how much it would be to fix the, um, fascia?”

Sweet Jesus, I should really start rehearsing those kind of calls before making them.

This page is a work in progress so bear with me. It’s always a question of finding the time…. Because, you see, I’m buying a house. A frigging house. And we all want to close soon. In like, 3 weeks. Yeah. Just give me a few more days to get through this mess and I’ll explain what this new page means.

Vivi out.



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