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Friday, August 10

I’ve always known books were important in my life. I mean, my job is writing them, right? But as I sat here chewing coconut (the most satisfying thing to chew on, btw), I realized my non-mom-and-wife life is all about books. It’s way worse than what I thought. I sat on my desk, and I work on my book, writing, plotting, editing, scouting for cover pictures and all that. Then I need a break, and what do I do?

I go through Bukk Hob email to see if there’s some book I want to get and store in my Kindle.

Back to my stories. 

Need another break. Cool, so I can take a look at the various blog tour companies I work with, and choose books to have on my blog. 

I read at lunchtime and for an hour or so at night.

Basically, that’s it. It’s my day. 

Not that I complain, but I’ve never realized how much into it I am.

Well, good to know. All right, back to editing.

Tuesday, August 7

I’ve always been the kind who, given a task, put her head down and get at it. Sure, I’d take breaks, have the occasional couple of hours of procrastination, but before I’d do anything else–scratch that, before I’d think about anything else, I’d finish the one I was doing.

Tunnel-visioned to the goal, I’d just keep banging my head against the wall until it would go down. No other thoughts allowed. It’s how I roll.

What if I got myself all wrong?

Is punching away the nagging ideas or a different task really my way?

I used to be a lawyer. That’s still within me, no matter what. Law gave my creative soul a direction, it gave me tools that I still use every day. The ability to analyze any situation from different viewpoints; having the guts feeling on how to approach another person and find the right line of communication to get the best outcome; the perseverance. 

And the mental order.



Would it be so wrong if I followed that creative mind? 

Let’s say, I have a chapter to finish. 

Let’s say, I have the twinkle of an idea for the next series.

Normally, I’d say: No way. The chapter first, then I can take the rest of the day to see more into that idea. If the chapter takes the whole day, then the idea will have to wait until tomorrow (when another chapter waits, and the story repeats itself).

What if I went after that idea instead?

What if I put my goal for the day aside for a moment (maybe I can give me a time limit. One hour on the new idea, then full stop)?

Would it be sooooo bad?

Because let’s face it, I’m stifling my creativity, killing the mojo, breaking my wings. Or, if we want to be a tad less dramatic, I’m taking a frigging hour, nobody is really going to die. And, because the idea is nagging, my wiring is probably going to be not crap, but distracted, anyway. 

So     (took a deep breath)     I’ll probably try and change my ways. Kind of relax a bit in the million things I have to do. 

All right. Might be fun.

Monday, August 6th

Talking about procrastination. I have a prologue to write for a book that, supposedly, will see the light in a little over a month. Edits for said book to check. Covers to decide. Blog posts to write. Uh, also, we’ll be moving in the new house starting this weekend. And what am I doing? Writing this post while chewing on a peanut granola bar, watching outside the window every now and then.

Mh. High five to me. Like, the highest.

And you know what? I think I’m going out, in the 86 degrees heat, and take a walk (because for someone with MS it’s the thumbs-up thing to do). Probably go and buy my son’s vitamins or something. MAybe new-house-window-shopping. Because seriously, I’m useless like this. Kinda burned out. So I’ll live through, even enjoy, this blah moment, and come back later today with my crap all pulled together.

Vivi out.

PS: I discovered colors for writing the posts!

Thursday August 2

I’ll be real quick with this, my boy is taking a bath and I figured, hey, it might be I finally explain a little about this page.

I got out of FB. Twitter and I, we never stood a chance. Now FB has fallen, too.

Too much anger, too much sadness, too much negativity about anything. It was getting to me. If there’s some empath out there, you understand. It was subtle, seeping slowly into me and messing with my head.

Yes, it was that bad.

Because really, how can you ignore the shout of desperation of people? Who cares if they are strangers, they are in pain. Maybe they have lost someone dear. A mom. A daughter. A dog. Whatever. Maybe they ask for money, just 5$ to help with the rent or they are on the street. People waiting to hear back from the doctor, hoping the results are good.

It was too much.

Because every one of them could be me at any given time. A friend of mine.

Life happens, so does shit, and you can be armed and ready for it. For that friend who’s going through a rough time; for your rough time. But FB was sucking from it like a vampire. It left me almost empty and vaguely depressed because there’s no way I could do anything for those people.

I don’t believe in all the “sending prayers” & Co. I did send prayers. Did it help? Really, physically help? No.

So on top of the energy it sucked, it made the frustration grow. Exponentially.

So I left.

I still post in Readers/writers groups to put my books out there but other than that, I’m out. I wasn’t good at being in, anyway.

Yet, I’m a writer. My weapon of choice will always be the written word and I’l lie if I said I didn’t want to put on paper – computer – some thought. We writers are a weird bunch. We need solitude while being great communicators.

And this is how and why I started this page. Random thoughts, silly thoughts, sometimes more serious. I don’t know how often I’ll write. My bet is, sometimes a lot, other time not so much. But I like it.

Also, I like the fact that I’m not shouting in anyone’s face. Those who are curious about me, maybe think I’m funny, or weird enough to read it, will do so every now and then. Whenever they fill like doing it. Otherwise, I won’t bother them.

So, here it is. The birth of this page.

Thank you for reading.

Fryday July 20

My husband throwing in the idea of designating a corner of the new house to a vinyl player (and vinyl records) is an example of how right I was to marry the guy. Also, Eric Church, I’m coming at your records.

Tuesday, July 17

When you read the critique of the first chapter in Aidan’s story, a critique made by Daryl Devoré (a friend and an author I look up to) and she brings you to tears with only a few lines.

This is what she said: Free yourself. Let your voice run free. You have a great one.

Monday, July 16

Are you one of those people who always sound professional and cool when making calls to, for example, roofers (the people who fix roofs)?

If you answered yes, I don’t like you too much right about now.

I just called a guy to come to the place we’re trying to buy for a quote on the fascia (getting technical, I know), and it was such a dumb-assed phone call. Oh my god.

“Hi, I… uh… I called friday–no, probably Thursday, for a quote for–because we just had the inspection and, uh, we need a quote to see how much it would be to fix the, um, fascia?”

Sweet Jesus, I should really start rehearsing those kind of calls before making them.

This page is a work in progress so bear with me. It’s always a question of finding the time…. Because, you see, I’m buying a house. A frigging house. And we all want to close soon. In like, 3 weeks. Yeah. Just give me a few more days to get through this mess and I’ll explain what this new page means.

Vivi out.



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