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Okay, let’s try this. I like the idea, but I have to see if I can make it work. PS: spoilers. Read at your own risk 😀


January 23.

I started this book last week and I have to say, I like it. Having little time, and even less energy sometimes, I found it hard to stick with a story. Some is too gloomy. Some too silly. Some boring. I’ll admit to not being forgiving right now. As I said, the little time and resolve I have I want to use for a story I really like. Well, this one is doing it so far. I’m at around chapter 5, so there’s still time for me to get fed up.
As of today, I can tell that:
the premises is refreshing. Finally, not all the parents died so that the crazy aunt had to become a mom.

I’m finding hard to like the hero, but I’m not hating him. Which means the author has hit that sweet spot.

The heroine is quirky, but not too much, and not an idiot. Finally, the equation artsy/creative=idiotic has been challenged. She’s a normal person in an abnormal situation.

Check back in a few days to see where it’s going.

January 24

Still going strong.

But found one of my pet peeves. I don’t like when any character keeps saying things like, “I want to be with her/him, but I don’t understand why.” Or, “I don’t know why I’m nice to her/him”.

Well, now.

I don’t like it because I feel like it’s a cheap way out from explaining a character’s behavior. Nobody is so… naive, if you will, to not realizing why he/she is doing something. Might just be because the other person’s hot, and that is perfectly fine. Or because he/she is bored and the other person seems fun. Any, ANY, reason would do, as long as there’s one. Not Oh my god I’m so surprised with myself.

That being said, I’m still enjoying the story thoroughly, and I can’t wait to see why the hero is so stuck-up. The good thing is that he knows it, or at least he realizes he’s wrong in his assumptions, which makes me like him a lot. Well played, Rachel, well played!

January 27

Not crazy about the first kiss scene. It was sweet, but more on the fun side than hot. I guess it goes well with how Emma is, so it is right for the characters. Although, all of them were adults, maybe it would have worked with fewer rainbows-and-unicorns and a bit more steamy fantasy. It wouldn’t have taken anything from the character, but it would have been less… juvenile. As it is, it’s a bit underwhelming for me.
And where do we stand with Nicole? No one thought about her.

Now, the next section gave me trouble. I really didn’t like Emma’s nonchalant comment about the late girls’ mother. She worked all the time and might not have been at home often because the girls didn’t miss her much. They were devastated by being away from dad (the one who stayed at home). I didn’t like the innuendo that she was a bad/distant/uncaring mother because she worked. I mean, that woman built her career (she was a lawyer) from scratch, and BOTH her and her husband, TOGETHER, decided their balance worked well with mom at work and dad at home. She made bigger bucks, and he was happy to stay with the children. So, having a career made her uncaring to the point where her two daughters don’t miss her much now that she’s dead????
Their dad will be the next hero in the series, so I understand he has to appear great. But having a wife who was a brilliant professional AND a good mom wouldn’t have taken everything from him. If I were a working mom and read that? Man, I can only think about the guilt I’d feel, the worry I made the wrong choice.
Is losing your children’s affection if you work hard the message we want to send out there?
Maybe there are different explanations in the next book, I don’t know. As it is, it was a major downer for me.

I absolutely loved the meeting with his mom. The cake throwing was brilliant, and it made perfect sense.
I’d have liked the ending better if his mom hadn’t done a 360 on how she was – from cool and distant to warm and caring.

So, let’s put it all together.
I did enjoy this story very much.
The characters are very much true to themselves, and the story makes sense.
The writing is great, if a bit too on the narrating side for me. But that’s just a personal preference.
I had a few issues here and there, which is why it is 4 stars and not 5 for me, and I’d like to read more into the series.

Only the next book, which I don’t know what it will be yet.

January 28

I started this one last night. Unimpressed and slightly bored by the heavy narrative of the first chapter. I’ll give it 2 or 3 chapters more before I give up. I’ll keep reading it because other reviews promise some chuckle and the cover is great. We’ll see.

January 30

Nope, didn’t work.

I finished the first chapter, then quickly scrolled the second. There’s so little dialogue…. The idea is very good and intriguing, but man, it’s soooo slow, feels like it doesn’t take off.

As I said, I don’t have that kind of time, so I’m out from this one.

February 1

Thin premise. The scorned witch that, even though is bound to give him a home, curses him, made me frown. But, for honesty’s sake, I was on the sleep-deprived side when I read the prolog (which I liked very much) and the first chapter. I know I should’t have, but sometimes is that or not reading at all. I can live with a this premise, if the rest is well done, so I’ll keep going because I like this guy. He seems messed up enough to be interesting.

February 4

I’m bored, you guys.

Where is the dialogue and really, there’s no way anyone on a horse going 100 miles a minute (because hey, there’s a pack of hungry wolves behind) can stroke a mare’s neck, and whisper. At that speed, on snow, you hold on the reins for dear life, and the horse is too panicked to feel your stroke. But that’s a detail. Truth is, I’m bored.

Afraid I’ll move on. There’s just too much to read to waste time being bored.

February 7

I hope SO hard this is good! I love re-telling. And so you know, the second in the series (Beauty and the Beast) is free, too. I got that one as well.

Wish me luck.

February 12

First of all, man, what a cover. WHAT a cover.

I like this book. A few chapter in, and it’s still in the setting-up phase but it’s far from boring. It might not happen a whole lot. but the writing is fresh enough to keep you entertained.

I love the princess. She’s not throughout likable, and I think it’s her best trait. It’s not that she’s spoiled. I’d say entitled fits better, but the author had a very light hand in showing it so it blends perfectly. Which also makes sense as she is, in fact, a princess, and expects to be treated accordingly. She’s a good person to go with it, and never backs off from using her gift to help.

I’m not sure if the hero will end up being who I think he is, as he came to her attention almost casually, and it was definitely not a love at first sight. I don’t know what to hope, because either way the author played it brilliantly.

February 20

I’m loving it. I’m halfway to the end, and I got surprised, something that rarely happens.

How the poison/curse turns out to play into this Sleeping Beauty version is genius. Something that is about sawing and needles, but in a very unexpected way.

The hero turns out to be someone different, and I appreciated it. Mostly because I think most of the romance with the first guy was in Rose’s head. He was tepid toward her advances. Might have been because he was respectful and stuff, but his response was underwhelming.

The real hero’s reaction to her, on the other hand, was right.

I had a moment of confusion when she woke up again, it took me a moment to understand she’s slept for years. I still don’t get how she doesn’t see this guy is not the other guy, but I’m sure there will be explanations.

March 4

Bummer, guys.

The second half of the book kind of crushed and burned.

As I said, how could she not understand he is a different person from the knight (sorry, I forgot his name)? Siward is the grandson of the knight she “fell in love” with before falling asleep. So ok, he looked like his grandpa. So much like his grandpa, though? I mean. Kind of a push. Why she doesn’t get suspicious by the was he talks to her and about her father? If he’s the knight she knew, he is supposed to know about the king and about her. And nothing about the clothes, or the mannerism? 50 years had gone by, people had to be slightly different (contrary to the synopsis, the kingdom was never frozen in time, just locked in by plants). Where is the affection between the lead couple? Sex, ok. Fights, ok. But how they managed to fall in love in between the things I listed? Again, where’s the affection?

Next point. It took her a long while to put two and two together, and start questioning how long that nap lasted. Never a clue? Places? People? She never spoke to anyone, and managed a doubt from their response?

How did Monika not recognize the Princess?

Then, the villain is the Queen she met at the beginning, but it was explained so quickly I nearly missed it. Also, Rosamunde explained it 50 years after it happened. A cold case. She speculates it was the Queen.

And the most puzzling thing. She gets pregnant the first time she was with Siward. Then she stays by herself for a few weeks, then they fix all their issues, and she becomes Queen. And all of a sudden, when she goes to the walls of brambles to open a door through it, she has not only one son, but a little daughter too???? When did that happened????

Nah. This book definitely didn’t meet the expectations that the first half had built.

A shame. I give it a 2 stars because of the first half, but I am disappointed. Could have been such a great story.

March 16
Unusual, I know.

But if you’ve followed me for a some time, you might have noticed how I like brainy subjects (me, marrying a scientists has no part in this preference of mine. Yeah, right. Brain is hot, and that’s it. Anyways.)

I started this book as a review for Goddess Fish, a blog tour company, so I have to wait for the complete review on this one. Which will happen on the 31.

So stay tuned!

April 7

I’m actually almost at the end of this, and I’m having a lot of fun. It’s refreshing to have a hero who doesn’t want to kill the heroine because he’s hungry/cursed or – insert the cause here.

This hero’s paranormal story is quite tame, and it was the coolest thing.

I’ve had troubles keeping in mind who was whom at the beginning, but then things sorted themselves.

April 11

Finished, and I stand with what I said in the previous post. It’s a fun book, different from the usual in both what the hero is and how the fated-mates thing is pursued. There are weak spots, but overall is a 4 stars, no problems.

The trouble I had were mostly about the banter between the couple. They dragged, were often over something they had already bantered, and after a while they got old.

The suspense part was kind of out there, and they never solved the problem the heroine was there in the first place, so ok. That aside, as far as suspenses go, this was mellow and forgettable.

But again, I enjoyed the story so much because of everything else.

April 12

I started this story because, for once, is not the usual X-needs-someone-at-the-wedding-calls-his/her-best-friend-and-they-fall-in-love. This story is different and I absolutely loved the premise.

For now, 18%, I’m not laughing out loud as promised. And I, like the hero, am a bit disappointed by/bored of the heroine. But I still want to read, because the woman needs a break and I still think the story deserves it.

April 30

Yeah, no, I didn’t laugh.

It was a Bridget Jones kind of humor, so if you like a heroine who drinks too much (not really a problem either personally, or story-wise, except when it happens again and again it gets old) and throws up on the hero, or drinks too much and skinny dip in front of the hero, or gets sick for allergy kind of humor than it’s good.

I didn’t like one thing about Bridget Jones, so there’s that.

There were things I liked, though, and made me finish the book – fast forward, but I finished it.

I liked how it ended. Not big love declaration and or proposals, but a very normal will to keep dating.

The best friend was definitely my favorite character, so I liked the ending he had. Well deserved.

I liked the mystery. Don’t expect Agatha Christie, but it was well played.

I liked who the books rolls as a mystery, with the characters attempting to unravel it.

All in all, it’s a 3 star for me.

May 1

Here, I am laughing. Not a belly laugh, but there’s way more humor.

Both the leads have a huge chip on their shoulder, and if I can see when there will be a chance for them to tone it down, I’m ad 40% and still struggling to see how it’s going to happen.

They are so, so mad!

I’m really enjoyng this story, with its honest character and well crafted plot.

The author is not pushing to make good soon, but she’s building layers of subtle changes and reasons why, at some point, they will go from hate to like, and then love.

May 11

I’m surprised in a very good way, and it doesn’t happen so very often. I’m happy how the dating agency was exploited in a different way. I expected them to be paired together, but the opposite happened.

I like how they are slowly and begrudgingly starting to switch from hate to hot.

I was expecting that the daughter would bring them together, and while it is happening, it’s done so well I’m not mad I saw it coming .

May 12

Finished and oh, what a pleasant story it was. I loved how they capitulated at the very end, and that the book finished there. It’s also a very smart move because I have to read the next story to see how these two are doing as a couple.

Loved it, loved, loved it.

5 stars.

May 28

It’s not that I’m not reading. Sadly, I’m hopping from book to book trying to find the one that makes me stick.

I’m starting a new one today, and my hopes are high.

June 13

Yes, def having fun, enough to give a link.

June 15

Without taking away anything from the writing, which was good, I kind of fast forwarded through the whole can’t-keep-this-attraction-at-bay because honestly, it was a lot of words for a non surprising development.

The deed was not done, which was a nice twist, and now we’re back to the interesting part of the book.

September 6

Guys, I’m so sorry… it’s not that I’m not reading. I am. But I’m trying to finish Valkyrie Love, and I’m down to the last two chapters. When the writing is out of the way, I’ll resume writing about the books I’m reading.

Bear with me.

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