For Authors

If you are an author and want to come over to promote your book, just shoot me an e-mail at and we can schedule a date.

I offer Authors Interview, Characters Interviews, and Guest Posts. I do have questions you can use, but you’re absolutely free to use your own or mix and match.

The story needs to be edited.

For any additional info, email me.

I made all of my covers, and they sold pretty well. My His Midnight Sun won the **HD Production Company Cover Contest ~ Award of Excellence** so it did really well. I put a gallery of examples (scroll down).

I don’t do pre-made, and I would work with you every step of the way to make sure that the cover reflects both your vision of it, and the story. Basically, no sixteen year old boy smack dab in the center of the cover if your hero is an adult man who’s back from his fifth tour with the Navy.

This “service” is meant for any author who can’t pay 200$ for a cover and doesn’t want a Royal Photoshop Headache, but still want an elegant, well made cover. I can also do graphics for your Special Offers or anything you need (see below).

There’s no fixed fee, only a donation for as much as the Author wants/can do give via PayPal.

Again, send me an email at and we can talk about it.