What’s Up: Small Town Romance Book Fair, June 15-18

~~ Small Town Romance ~~
Romance novels to fall in love with!

There’s nothing like escaping to a story set in a small town – somewhere in this beautiful world. Today we have a collection of Small Town Romances written by very talented authors.

We have stories from across the world, from New Zealand and Australia, to the States and Canada – I’m sure you’ll find some European stories in there as well. Books are free or priced between $0.99-$2.99 for the duration of the promotion.

Happy shopping from all of us ♥♥

Link To the Fair: http://irisblobel.com/bookfair062018/


May Flowers Romance Ebook Giveaway

Guys, I’m going to be part of the May Fest at Constance Bretes’ from May 4th to the 31st, which is so cool for many reasons.

  1. My book All Those Miles I Walked is going to be on sale for the entire event at 0.99$
  2. There are lots and lots of other books on sale too.
  3. There’s going to be a Giveaway for the entire month, all you have to do is follow the link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/a1aff51a40/

Go and take a look at all the books in there and have fun! Here’s the link:


2018-04-30 09.10.57 amTea party, that is.

On Saturday, May 5, Lacy Doilies and Tea Parties will be hosting a special event! Come join six of your favorite Romance authors to discuss books, have some tea and treats, and enter some giveaways! All attendees will receive a free gift!

Featuring authors:
Cameron Allie
Daryl Devore’
Lacie Doyle
Jennifer Lowery, New York Times bestselling author
Viviana MacKade
Sandra R Neeley




The Coastal Fair is gone, thank you to all of you who came by! Stay tuned for more cool stuff!

Welcome to my little corner of the Coastal Book Fair!

This Book Fair brings together stories set at the beach or near the coast. Ever heard of Crescent Creek? No? Well, check this page for a longer description of it but yes, it’s THE greatest town in the Treasure Coast, Florida.

Which means during the 10-month long summer, me and my characters (my people, as my husband calls them) get to do anything from shark fishing,


(which might end up in a big run when this ↓ comes fast to you),


beautiful sunsets,


and generally take it easy by the water.400813_10151002695301266_2000604418_n

Come join us in Crescent Creek, and see for yourself!

Here’s a little extract from Chapter 1 of All Those MIles I Walked, the first story in the Crescent Creek Series.

DJ had been places. Her job had allowed her to see and write about the Beit She’an Valley in Israel; Timbuktu; the Australians badlands. Different lives, different people, same scorching hot weather.

Yet, nothing to her said sunshine and summer like Crescent Creek.

Drenched heat would squeeze sweat from inside of you even if you did nothing but breathe. No shade will save you. No breeze to give you respite. The sun melted into the air, and there was no escaping it. DJ had always loved it, let it surround her like her mother’s arms every time she came home.

And the ocean. Blue. Sparkly with the sun’s touch. She only had to open the door in the kitchen, cross the road, and she’d walk on frying sand.

But more than bathing in sunshine with waves lapping her feet she wanted Eva, her sister in all that was important. In the past few days since she’d been back they’d caught up on lost time, but it never seemed to be enough. They’d never lost contact, talking on the phone or with Skype when she wasn’t in some forgotten jungle, and Eva wasn’t blogging about the last unknown war from somewhere in Africa.

Both had wanted the world, and both had gotten it.  DJ chuckled. She took to travel like Eva took to social crap. Well, at least until a year ago. Always the rebel, Eva had gotten pregnant, kicked daddy out when he’d turned out to be a jerk, and had the baby all by herself.  A boy, Henry, named after the Red Cross founder.

If she took a walk on the beach and called Eva when she had a line, she’d have both the pleasure of the outside and her friend. Good deal.

Through all this, she would not get mad about that stupid, hot boy.

She chose a green and tan bikini, grabbed a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. With her parents in Idaho for a long and hard case and Emma, the housekeeper, on vacation, the house was deserted. Barefoot, she pulled the door closed behind her, and she was finally walking through a wall of humidity.

That hot boy had turned into an even hotter man. Same build, tall and strong, but now he looked… harder. As if time had chipped away the already limited sweetness his face held. A face now carved into straight planes and angles. His hair, all raven and unruly waves once, was now tamed in a short, conservative, business man’s cut. It gave him a distinguished look, but it sure did nothing to sweeten his overall appearance.

He was a handsome, tough, unfriendly male.

Scott Andrew Beckett, of the Beckett brothers, so similar on the outside and so different inside. Romantic, sensitive, kind Rhett. Cold, practical, down to earth Scott. Stubborn, as she’d pointed out. Ready with an opinion. Steady and cool under fire. She’d worked on her temper and was proud of how far she’d come, but it was impossible to match the iron grip he had on himself.

Back in high school it had always been the four of them: Rhett and Eva, Scott and DJ.

Until that last summer before college.

Irritation for her words with Scott rose along with the uncomfortable feeling of bare feet walking, then jogging, on the roasting road, and finally onto the sand.

She hurried until she got to the wetter foreshore, checked the line and smiled when she saw she could call. Eva picked up after half a ring. “Henry’s sleeping,” she said in a whisper.

“Sorry. Do you want me to call you back?”

“Give me a sec.” DJ heard a door opening, then the click when Eva closed it. “Hey you,” she said as a way of hello. “What’s up?”

“I’m walking on the beach right now. Listen,” she said, angling the phone toward the sea. “Hear that? Florida current, baby,” DJ shouted, before pressing the phone to her ear again. “Are you free later? I miss your man.”

“I have something to do for work but I’ll be free by six. You game?”

“I’ll have chocolate mousse and beer. Wait. Can you drink?”

“I can. I weaned Henry when he started solid food last month. You’ll have to get drunk for me, though. I’m a mom, you know?”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Come to my place, it’s easier with Henry, and you can pass out on my guest bed. That’s right, I have a guest room now. I’m all settled down.”

DJ laughed. “Very grown up. See you in a while.”


If you want to read more, you can find it here for 1,99

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I hope you’ll have fun with all the stories in the Fair (here’s the link to go back to the main page  http://irisblobel.com/bookfair042018/ ‎), and thank you for coming by!