Books & More Blog Hop #MacKade

———- Notice ——–

After a lot of consideration, I decided to stop the hop at the end of the month.

I had very little direction, let alone projects, when I started it. I have now 4 releases, 1 re-release, and another story to prep and send to publishers. 

I have no more time. 

The hop was going well, and we had a lot of views so it’s not because it wasn’t successful. It’s that I have to put my attention to the books and all that’s around it. 

Thank you for all those who came, read, and participated with us.

What’s Your Silliest Excuse To Get Out Of A Date? by Daryl Devoré

The Silliest Excuse by Bianca White

My Favorite Movie Couple by Bianca White

My favourite movie couple and why it involves a birdcage by Daryl Devoré

The Greatest Movie Couple Ever by Cara


It’s All A Silly Lie by Bianca White

What silly lie was I told and how it involved my backside falling off? by Daryl Devoré

Which One Do You Prefer? by Daryl Devoré

Decisions Decisions by Bianca White

Book or Movie? by MacKade

Not a one, I’m afraid. Not a one By Daryl Devoré

Who’s Your Crash by MacKade

It’s All In The Eyes by Bianca White

Writing taught me how to let go by MacKade

Writing showed me my pride by Daryl Devoré

Nobody’s perfect, especially me by Bianca White

It taught me confidence by Joan Ramirez

Got Nothing by MacKade

My Most Embarrassing Valentines Moment – Or Not by Daryl Devoré

The Secret Shame of a Romance Writer by Bianca White

What Book Got Me Mad by MacKade

A Teenager Worst Nightmare by Daryl Devoré

Vernacular To Drive The Reader Crazy By Bianca White

Too Stubborn To Give Up by MacKade

What Almost Made Me Give Up On Writing by Daryl Devoré

A 12 years old hiatus by Bianca White


Not Sure, Actually by MacKade

Love It – Or Maybe Not So Much by Daryl Devoré

An Introvert Writer’s Dream or Woeful Demise? by Bianca White

Yep! by MacKade

Dreaming of blue skies or the eternal Suffering of Yorkshire folk by Bianca White

Krys Rayne 

How Seasons affect my writing by Daryl Devoré

January 9th

Gotta Be Good by Viviana MacKade

New Blog Hop for the New Year by Daryl Devoré

Back To The Grind by Bianca White