Books & More Blog Hop #MacKade

Feb 6

What Book Got Me Mad by MacKade

Like most things I do and like, this is a little bit of everything hop.

You know how a blog hop works: there’s a prompt, and you write a piece about it and that link will be shared here.

Some prompts will be specific, others vague enough for you to fill in as you wish but long or short, funny or sad, if you’re a reader, a writer, or anyone with a blog, come and join us in the weekly topic. Different ideas, different viewpoints, within the prompt anything goes and it’s going to be amazing.

Books & More Blog Hop will take place every Monday to start the week right.

How to participate:

  1. Write your post following the prompt. Don’t forget to give it a cool title. Use #mackadebloghop tag 
  2. Blog: Schedule the post to go live early on the day of the hop. Feel free to use the graphics.
  3. Email me the permalink at least a day before the scheduled Monday

I’ll add it to the main page for all to see.

4) Don’t forget to add the landing page to your post!

Jan 30

Too Stubborn To Give Up by MacKade

What Almost Made Me Give Up On Writing by Daryl Devoré

A 12 years old hiatus by Bianca White


Not Sure, Actually by MacKade

Love It – Or Maybe Not So Much by Daryl Devoré

An Introvert Writer’s Dream or Woeful Demise? by Bianca White

Yep! by MacKade

Dreaming of blue skies or the eternal Suffering of Yorkshire folk by Bianca White

Krys Rayne 

How Seasons affect my writing by Daryl Devoré

January 9th

Gotta Be Good by Viviana MacKade

New Blog Hop for the New Year by Daryl Devoré

Back To The Grind by Bianca White