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Valkyrie Love is out!


Brenna is a Valkyrie who has spent millennia drifting through time, alone and heartbroken but free.
Reed is a lost soldier haunted by a desire for redemption.
When a new race seeks vengeance and an old one fights for survival, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
The only hope for victory rests on the life of a child, the last Elvin Princess, and Brenna and Reed are determined to see it through.

Their journey through the Roots of Yggdrasil is long, hard, and perilous. Fire Giants, demons, and an army of half-breeds set on destruction threaten to end the mission at any moment. Brenna knows that feelings don’t belong in such a dangerous endeavor, especially for a Valkyrie. But as they face one deadly challenge after another, Brenna and Reed find themselves drawn to each other.

Their growing love is like a stubborn flower that blooms in the dirt, but their love is now deadly.
Will they be able to put aside their feelings and save the world, or will their passion be their downfall?
Get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with action, danger, and romance.

“Why are you in Midgard? No, no, not just in Midgard. Why are you here, looking for me?”

The halo trembled as the elf took in a breath. “We need help.”

Of course, they did. “Listen, whatever happens in any other realms other than this can very well keep on going, for all I care. I left Asgard. I gave up all that crap to live free and damn it, I did it. I’m doing it.”

The only sign of the elf’s disturbance was a darkening of her halo and how she pressed her lips together. 

A tiny arrow materialized midair, flying straight to Brenna. Her sword, Nadr the Viper, appeared in her hand before a thought had the time to form. Instincts howled and she pivoted. The honed blade cut the arrow in half like it was a leaf. 

Brenna stood in her living room listening to her sword singing in tune with her heart. Oh, how she’d missed it. 

The elf locked eyes with Brenna’s. “You’re a Valkyrie.”

“I am me.”

“I’m not here to challenge it.”

No longer needed, the sword disappeared and Brenna closed her now empty hand. “Then what do you want?”

“I’m Maeraggyth,” she said, gently bowing her head. “Princess Fljóða’s teacher and guardian.”

“Nice. And?”

“And the Night Elves attacked Alfheim.”

“You kicked them out ages ago, I thought you had it under control.”

Maeraggyth nodded gravely. “We thought it too. They infiltrated the court–”

“How? You have protection.” Never warriors, the Light Elves’ highest families still wielded enough magic to warn them if danger came too close, and keep them safe when it did.”I don’t know. They may have learned something, had someone’s help.”

Brenna scoffed. “Dark Elves? Yeah, right.”

“They hid under our noses, Hjörþrimul.”

“Okay, call me that one more time, and our chit-chat is over and done. Hjörþrimul doesn’t exist anymore, I buried her in Asgard. It’s Brenna. Yes?”

“I’ll try to keep it in mind.”

“Do it, or go.”

“All right, all right.” Maeraggyth gently pressed her fingertips on her forehead for a moment as to quiet herself. “King Freyr didn’t realize they were everywhere, like famished locusts. He didn’t see what was going on until–” Maeraggyth stopped, closed her eyes. A tear, sparkling as a diamond and as pure, cut its way through ivory skin. 

Much against her will, Brenna’s gut trembled. “Until what?”

“Until it was too late,” Maeraggyth whispered. She held her head up, her eyes hard as zirconia. “King Freyr of Alfheim is no more.”

Ah, shit. “Queen Gerðr?”

The elf shook her head. “I heard screams. Everybody ran in a panic, trying to use the little magic they had to protect themselves, their loved ones. The trees burned. I did the only thing I could for my people, for my country.” She looked down at the little girl sleeping in her lap and a sad smile pulled at pink-rose lips. “I took Princess Fljóða, and I ran.”

“You ran… here?” Brenna frowned. “Wait a second. I’m sorry for the King and Queen, but I’m not going to jump into your war. I’m not strong enough to singlehandedly take down an army of Night Elves, anyway. Of course, I could try.” Brenna thought it through, nodded. “Yeah, I’d have a chance. But it would be a small chance, and I’m not in the mood to take it.”

Pride straightened Maeraggyth’s back. “We’ll fight. The ones left will push back the Night Elves once again, or die trying.”

With a manicured fingernail, Brenna scratched her temple. “You elves suck at war.”

The color of the elf’s aura changed into a reddish hoe of light. “As we pushed the Night Elves into their holes once before, maybe we don’t suck as much as you Aesirs always think we do.”

Brenna shrugged. She wasn’t stepping into a skirmish over who was the best in battle – Asgard by far. End of story. Thor might be an idiot, but even a giant from Jotunheim or a Fire demon was no match for him. And there were the Valkyries. Her sisters. Or they had been sisters, once upon a time. Family. She’d believed in it. How stupid.

Abruptly, Brenna focused on tonight. “So, what do you want from me?”

“The Princess must stay safe until the Night Elves are destroyed. Alfheim has fallen, but my people have not. They know she escaped. She’s the Queen and so much more – she’s our hope. Hope the old blood will run strong, that the order will be restored and peace will rule in our reign again.”

“You want me to baby-sit the Princess? Are you out of your mind? Besides, wars like this can carry on for centuries. Even more. I’m not going into mama mode for who knows how long. No, I’ll come down and fight.”

“No, no. Of course, you can’t raise her. She’s a princess.”

There was a hell of a thick undercurrent of disdain there, but Brenna figured she’d shut this one up. Whatever it took not to be saddled with a baby.

Still, it hurt. The elf thought she couldn’t raise a royal. Come on. She sure didn’t want to, but she totally could. If she wanted. Which she didn’t. At. All.

Then Maeraggyth spoke. “I want you to take us to the Vanaheim. King Njord will protect and teach her.”


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