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We’re nearing the end, as this will be the second to last week with Aidan and Summer.

It’s when the proverbial poop hits the fan, and they have to survive it.

Here are the eight lines or so. I may have gone a little longer today….


One chance.

It was all Aidan needed. Hiding under the bed, he heard the man’s words and kissed anger like a welcomed long-lost lover.

Nobody was going to touch his Kiki. Break Summer’s heart. His blood was not going to be the only one spilling today. The bastard’s bullet had just grazed his side–painful, but not even close to stop him.

He kept still and silent, and with the sinister calm of hate, Aidan watched the man’s feet coming closer.

Closer. One step closer.


With all the strength he could muster laying down under a bed, he plunged the scissors in the man’s ankle, felt the soft impact of flesh, then the shatter of bones. The scream of pure agony. Perfect. The bastard fell as Aidan rolled out from his lair, jumped on the man’s hand still wrapped aroundthe gun, snatched it away.

And started hitting.


Putting the weight of his fear in it, the strength of his anger, the outrage of his love, until his hand was covered in blood.

Until there was no more resistance. Until a child’s cry reached his ears.

Aidan stopped and shut his eyes, fighting to quiet the wild animal in him, to slow his racing heart and calm his greedy retaliation.

The bastard had tied Summer on a chair, gagged her, and now he laid in blood for it.

Justice had been served.


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