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With the Beckett brothers busy, Aidan and Summer are left alone and started comparing each other to fictional characters. Which also give some insight to all the things Aidan hides.


“You’re a Bambi.”

Those sweet brown eyes, so big, locked with his in surprise. “Did you think you were what? Terminator? Rambo?” He chuckled a bitter sound. “You’re not.”

Again, and to his surprise, she nodded. “I guess. But I’d would have been happier going along the line of, I don’t know, Jo? From Little Women? Or Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice.”

“Do you modern women still read those books? For real?”

“Well yeah, why not?”

“They’re old.”

“And great.”

“Aye. You’re no Elizabeth, though. I can give you a Jane, on a good day.”

She scrunched her nose. “Oh. She’s so… so…”

“Annoyingly nice? Yeah, my point.”


This would have been the eight sentences or so. I’m adding more to close the scene. I’m going longer than usual, I’m afraid, but I had no idea where to close this scene in a good place….


The displeasure at his choice of character turned into suspicion and she frowned. “Hold on a second. You seem very sure in your judgment, did you read Pride and Prejudice?”

“What if I did?”

“Nothing, it’s just, well, old, and a romance, and you don’t seem the type of man who reads romance. Or reads at all, to be honest.”

Hard to be offended when he’d kept jabbing at her and she’d never taken the bait. “I don’t seem a lots of things. I do what I please, reading pleases me.”

“You read Wuthering Heights?”

“Please. Of course, I did.”

“Heathcliff definitely rubbed off on you.”

Hell, he had to chuckle. Maybe she was some sort of sunny, spunky Elizabeth, after all.

Voices started to raise from the kitchen at the same time as Chloe called for her mum’s attention. “We should go, give them a hand,” Summer said.

“See? You are one of those annoying people.”


“The Janes. The team player, the buddy, the girl next door offering a hand with grace and a smile, ready to see the bright side of crap.”

She fixed Kiki’s clothes, all misplaced by a tumble the girl had taken. “So?”

“Just curious how it had worked out for you in the real world. Life is no book, no romance.”

“I am who I am,” she said with a shrug. “And I am someone who likes people and help them.”

“People are shit.”

“Then why are you here and not alone, brooding?”

“For the exceptions.”


“And Scott, and now their women.”

The doctor nodded, ventured a smile. “You see? There is some good.”

“In my whole life, those two are the only anomaly I found to the one simple truth.”

“The world is shitty,” she concluded.


She thought it through for a moment. “I’ve met some bad people, but the lion’s share still belongs to the good.”

“Maybe they are polite to you, even grateful because you fix them. Inside? They’re shit.”

In another shift, her smile turned teasing. “So what happens now that I’m part of the good guys? Because me, joining in with them, means the headcount just upped: the Becketts, their wives, and me.”

“Not nearly enough to make me change my mind.” More than enough to push him to change topic, though, put some distance. He liked distance. “Let’s see if they’re going to cook something, I’m getting hungry.”

He got up, and when she tried to do the same with Kiki in her arms, he helped her by taking hold of her arm. Those sweet eyes grew huge, and she hurried to free herself from his touch when she stood up. From spunky to spooked, it seemed. “You’re jumpy.”

She composed herself and cleared her voice. “Weird men make me jumpy.”

It might have been her composed face, the gravity in which she spoke her words. Hell, might have been the full moon shining outside, but a laugh erupted from him, genuine and unexpected. “Well, doctor, I’ve been called many things in my life. Weird was never one of them.”

With the shadow of a smile on her lips, too, she shook her head. “Even the way you say weird sounds weird.”

“It’s because I’m Irish. Let’s go help out this new clan of yours. I can see you can’t wait to.”


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