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Here we are, just a few days after Aidan’s accident. But because we just left Rhett, I thought it might be nice to see how he keeps dealing with Aidan, while Aidan tries to deal with himself after meeting Summer.

So, here it is, today snippet.


“I have to go see the doctor tomorrow,” Aidan said as a way of hello when Rhett picked up the phone. “You’re coming with me.”

After years of friendship, Rhett knew better than being surprised by the statement. “Am I?”


“Because you need someone to hold your hand while you’re there?”

Aidan nearly chuckled. “Don’t be an arse.”

“Simply a concerned friend, and a curious one. Why do you need company? You’ve been to the doctor’s many times over.”

“I don’t need company, and this time is different.”

“Okay. How’s that? Your eyes are better, get out and cross the road.”


A little more, to close the scene.


Aidan’s caressing touch glided over the sculpture’s smooth surface, the same that almost took his sight, and the faceless doctor fluttered in his mind. Oh, yeah, now he could see all right, but he also felt a dark, stormy something rumbling inside. He’d be better off ignoring it.

Take my hand, I’ve got you.

It was so messed up he must ignore all of it. Those words belonged to the past; the voice to the present. The voice, steady and inviting, belonged to a woman, a doctor, who knew joy and how to give comfort.

He forced his eyes away when he realized he was staring at the little rock forgotten on the working table. He knew exactly what the stupid pebble wanted from him, and he was not inclined to give in just yet. Not to the stone, and not to whatever shit the woman had stirred in him with a bunch of words.

The problem stemmed from there, from how she’d had kicked something inside him and made it stir. Might be longing, or weakness due to the pain he’d been in, but she’d prodded at things he’d buried long ago and had no intention of rehashing.

“Are you still there?” Rhett asked when the silence stretched for too long.


Aidan closed his eyes. Today Aidan Murphy was successful, rich, and safe. Like a phoenix, he’d flown away from the ashes in Ireland to rise again as a new man in the Florida sun. Past and present had never collided, not until a new doctor spurred misery to life again. He needed Rhett because his friend was the living proof of a life he’d chipped off from hellish stone. He needed an anchor to the present against the storm of memories the doctor had called up, and Rhett fit the bill.

“Still here,” Aidan said. “Listen, are you coming or not?”

Sensitive to any unsaid emotion to the point of being scary, Rhett understood and sighed, just as Aidan knew he would. “All right, but only because Flo is out of town and I welcome the distraction.”

“Thanks. Where’s your wife gone?”

“Back in London, a Gallery wants to do a showing of her pictures. She left yesterday, will be back Sunday, leaving me with a Saturday afternoon free for you to mess up. I’m such a lucky guy.”

Aidan chuckled. “Thank you, man. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sure. I’ll have a lollipop ready for when you’re done.”


Aidan closed the call while his friend was still laughing.


  1. You can tell they are fast friends from the wonderful exchange between them. Rhett sounds like he won’t take any…nonsence from Aidan. Exactly the treatment he needs it seems. Great scene! Tweeted.

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