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We’re starting Aidan and Summer’s story today. I’ve never hidden how close to my heart he is, just as much of a pain in the butt working with him was.

But here we are.

So, new cover for him too, and for the last story in Crescent Creek. Also, this might be my favorite cover.

I’ll start with how he and Summer met, which tells you a lot about who they are.


Searing pain shot through as he tried to look around. He doubled over, palms pressed on his eyes as a woman’s voice reached him beyond the hurt. “Doctor Wagner retired last month, I’m doctor Summer Williams, I–”

Again, those small hands were on him. “Keep your damned paws off of me.”

Calm and peaceful, the woman kept on talking. “Can you see?”

“No, which is why I’m fucking here.”

“Then, somehow, I have to guide you into a room to check on those eyes of yours. Give me your hand, I’ve got you.”

The memory hit him with a pain harder, crueler than what chewed at his eyes. A fist in the guts and a whirlwind of dark memories.

Give me your hand, I’ve got you.

Nobody ever said those words before Aileen. Nobody ever did after her and, ultimately, even Aileen had betrayed them. But then again, he was guilty. Memories of what he’d thought they shared, the promises laying within it, had stopped hunting him for vengeance, but hadn’t faded. They kept festering in the darkest corner of his soul, an infected wound feeding on everything he’d tried to outrun, outwork, outlive, and never did. So, in a way, it made perfect sense the new doctor spoke exactly those words, exactly when he suffered the most, when he was at his weakest. They shot straight from a past he’d blocked with no second thought or second glance; they ran under his skin, making the need to fight more urgent. “I don’t need to be carried around by hand.”


A little more to finish the scene.


“Okay, all right. Think you can manage to get to room three, then? It is the first one on the left.”

He grunted a yes.

“Okay. Just so you know, by then, whatever is eating out your eyes might have turned you blind for good.”

Fuck the pain, Aidan thought as sheer suicidal resolve made him wrench one eye open. It stole his breath and he barely made out shapes, but it was enough to give him a general idea of the way and he conquered his first step on.

“Are you serious?” the woman asked, following his slow pace.

“Nobody drags me around like a damn dog.”

“Look, I have a brother, so I’ve seen all the testosterone-filled nonsense but if you–”

“Stop talking.”

He heard a long, slightly irritated sigh followed by hurried steps ahead of him, and after what it felt longer than a lifetime, he allowed himself to nearly pass out on the doctor’s chair in fucking room fucking number three.


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  1. She sure is a patient doctor. (pun sort of intended) He’s in so much pain he doesn’t appreciate her help. I hope she can keep her own emotions in check.

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  2. How terrible it seems that the pain is two-fold: the physical pain of his eyes coupled with the emotional pain of a love lost (I’m guessing). Not sure which one is worse at the moment. Great snippet!

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