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First things first, here’s the new cover!

It’s SO pretty, and it brings out Flo’s loneliness exceptionally well.

Now, just as I did with Scott, here goes the dream cast.

And, finally, a little, little snippet from the last chapter to give you all some hope, considering how we ended last week.


The phone vibrated, and she took it out from the coat pocket. “Where in the bloody hell are you?” she asked Jacob as a way of hello.

“Sorry darling, work kept me a bit longer. A bloody American was late, as they usually are, and I couldn’t leave.”

Not in the mood for anything American right about now, she rolled the eyes. “It’s okay. Are you coming then?”

“Yes. Remember, you owe me a big one, sis.”

“What are you talking about? Are you coming or not?”

“Turn around, love.”

“What?” but Jacob had already closed the call.


A tad longer to finish.


Cursing, she turned around and saw Jacob, standing in a gray overcoat, still holding the mobile phone in one hand a few feet away, smiling like a fool.

A man was at his side. 

A man with a face made for poetry, a body for dirty nights, and a voice of velvety whiskey. Black hair and a heart of pure gold.



She was hallucinating. Rhett couldn’t be there, he lived on the other side of the ocean, and he despised her, and didn’t trust her, and it was cold, Rhett hated cold. He just could not be there. But he was, and Flo pressed a hand over her gaping mouth as the men shook hands. Jacob motioned with his thumb and little finger to call later, then turned and left.

Too astonished for doing much more than breathing, she watched as Rhett, god, her Rhett, walked closer and sat on the bench at her side.


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