#Interview with Mary Patterson, author of #NewRelese Luke Blackmon’s Rose #TimeTravelRomance @GoddessFish

Luke Blackmon’s Rose by Mary Patterson released last week in the time travel romance.

To guard herself from the perils of her own sensuality, Rose married a man she didn’t love. Now, two years after his death, she’s not sure she can really love anyone. She’s not even sure she cares…

To achieve what he’d always known was his birthright, Luke had to struggle against tremendous odds. But when science discovered a way to access the past, a powerful bureaucracy found a way to use Luke. Now, torn from his own time, everything and everyone he knew, he can see no reason to go on living…

An instant of attraction, uninvited but inescapable, brings Luke and Rose together. Together, they discover the strength to love, the will to trust and hope. But will these things be enough to carry them over walls of suspicion, guilt, bigotry, and hate?

And then the air in the room changed. There was a tingling, a sort of buzzing not quite within the range of human hearing. She thought, briefly, of what she’d read somewhere about the feeling people get in a thunderstorm when they’re about to be struck by lightning. She wasn’t sure anyone felt it but herself. Mira, who’d gotten up to look in the refrigerator for something, was apparently undisturbed. But then she saw Kingsley’s expression change as he glanced past her toward the living room portion of the greatroom, and she heard—or perhaps felt—soft footsteps behind her. She spun around.

Where the living room carpet ended, maybe three yards from where she sat, stood a very tall, very dark, broad-shouldered man. He was barefoot, dressed in black sweats. She saw him clearly for a fraction of a second before the lightning bolt she’d felt coming struck. In that fraction of a second, she realized why Mira had looked familiar to her. And realized, too, what had been going on with Kingsley since the turn their discussion had taken that evening—if not before. In that fraction of a second, she knew who she was looking at.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mary Patterson Thornburg has lived in California, Washington State, Montana, Indiana, and again, finally, in Montana. She was educated at Holy Names College, Montana State University, and Ball State University, where she then taught for many years. She’s been reading science fiction and fantasy since she was five, and when she began to write fiction it seemed only natural to write in those genres. Her literary heroes are Mary Shelley, who gave us all a metaphor for technology alienated from its creators, and Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia E. Butler, inventors of worlds that shine their powerful searchlights on this one. She writes what some people call “science fantasy” (aka “fake science fiction) within as wide a range as possible, but almost always with a bit (or a lot) of romance.

What is the main theme of this story?

Wow, what a question! I think some writers might be tempted to say, “Hey, I wrote this story – do I have to analyze it too?”

But I won’t say that. In fact, there were times while I was writing it that I drew back for a minute and wondered what it was really about. So I understand why someone else might wonder too. And I know there are several themes in the story, maybe more than I’m aware of. I don’t believe authors always know everything that’s going on under the surface of what they write. I do think that every reader brings their own history, their own sensitivity, to the story, and so completes the story in their own way.

I do hope that the story is sweet and funny and sad, once in a while even sexy, each of these things either at different times or sometimes at the same time. I know I loved writing it, laughed out loud sometimes, cried a time or two, and was seriously serious (but never sullen) throughout.

Okay, themes, then. One of the themes in this story is love – different sorts of love, and the absence of love, but specifically eros. Is there such a thing as “love at first sight.” What do you think? Is that a fantasy? Is it the same thing as lust at first sight, or are they related? You tell me! You have a right to your opinion. Is there one true love for everyone, if only they’re lucky enough to find it? The two principals in this story, Luke and his Rose, have both loved other people, been married to other people. Were those loves real? Does this love, their love for each other, cancel out those other loves? And so forth… Love, as a theme, as a thing, has been around for a long time, and we writers and readers haven’t worn it out yet.

Another theme is time. And that’s a strange thing – time is – if you think about it. It’s a strange thing, in fact, whether you think about it or don’t. The American author William Faulkner said (or is said to have said) that the past is not dead – that it’s not even past. America’s past is certainly not dead, whether we try to bury it or not.

Which of these themes, love or time, is the main theme? Or is there another theme that’s just as important? At the moment, at least, I’m going to say it’s a dead heat between love and time – for me, anyway. But every reader will bring things to the story that I can’t know about, so you, as a reader, will have to answer those questions for yourself. 

Website https://www.marypattersonthornburg.com/

Amazon Author http://www.amazon.com/Mary-Patterson-Thornburg/e/B001IOFDN6/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mary-Patterson-Thornburg-Author/751054628247208



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  1. Thank you for sharing your interview, bio and book details and for offering a giveaway, I have enjoyed reading about you and your work and I am looking forward to reading Luke Blackmon’s Rose

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  2. Playing the messenger and reporting the message Mary wants you guys to have: “Please tell those commenters I HAVE read their comments and I’m pleased and grateful and would be proud if pride weren’t a sin. “Into a Distant Light” is one of my favorites of my own stories. Just pass this message on to them and let them know I’m technologically hopeless.”

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  3. Ah ha! If you’re seeing this, it means I’ve finally made all the right moves in the right order and can now comment! Thank you all — Cali, Rebecca, Beatrice, Audrey, Viviana-Mackade, and GoddessFish!

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