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We’re in the cozy part of the book now, there everything is great. Of course, it’s not going to last, but let’s enjoy it for now, and just appreciate how sweet Rhett is.

The Snippet

He bobbed his head one side a bit. “And just for, you know, chit chat. Male friends? Plural?”

“Yes, Rhett. I’m thirty-four, I’ve had men before.”

“Of course, of course. But how big of a plural?”

He looked utterly adorable, wearing this silly insecurity with the ease of someone attuned to himself. “Let’s put it this way. You, by far, wouldn’t need both hands to count them. This, what happened to us? As cliché as it may sound, it has never occurred to me before.”

“I would never imply you are–”

“A whore?” Flo wished she had the camera to catch how huge his eyes got and the mortification on his face. Adorable indeed, every little inch of him.

“Florence,” he said when he managed to articulate again. “I am so very sorry, I never meant to imply you were–come on, no. The thing is, sometimes I’m stupid and kind of jealous, and my stupid mouth gets away with stupid questions.” He closed the eyes, drew a long breath. “I am truly sorry. Please, trust I didn’t mean it in any bad way.”

“Relax, Rhett.” When she kissed him, because how could she not, she kept it easy. “I know you didn’t mean it, but thank you for telling me, anyway.”

“We’re good then?” he murmured on her lips.



Let’s continue the scene because this man is so adorable…

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