Book or Movie? #mackade #Bloghop

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It depends, I guess.

Some stories, I loved both. The Lord Of The Rings is on top of my favorite movies, but not of my favorite books. I liked it, but there were a lot of long descriptions and I’m a, impatient reader. It’s still a masterpiece, and I do bow to it. For me, though, the cinematic version works better. Also, Viggo. Yes, please.

I liked a lot the latest version of Pride and Prejudice, a movie I go back with pleasure. I go back to the book more often, so I guess book beats movie in this case.

I stood by Game of Thrones until they started to deviate from the books too much. That one is a 50/50. Great season 1 and 2. Kind of a downhill road from there.

The Schindler’s List hurt everywhere and in every form, it doesn’t even matter some of the book wasn’t in the movie. It’s just hurt, pure and simple. Given the times, either book or movie should me mandatory in high school.

The point is, I guess, we go to see a movie if we loved the book Why bother, otherwise?

And seeing something we loved (the story in the book) treated with anything less than the respect and love we gave it feels like a personal attack.

They didn’t simply not follow the story: they butchered how the story made us feel when we read it –> they disrespected our feelings. How dare they???

What movie adaptation you hate, and which one you loved?



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