Who’s your crush? #MacKade #bloghop

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Mh, let’s see.

I have none right now, sad, I know, but between the kids, the husband, the books, the kids, the books, the husband, the house, the kids – ok, I think you get it, well, between those things I have no time to groom a crush.

I’m all full in the feelings.

I did have crushes, though, and with few exceptions, I can tell: it’s the swagger for me. That confidence that can (and sometimes does) step into arrogance, but never in a bad way. My husband if one of them, by the way.

Bon Jovi was the big one, a relationship that matured as we both grew. Now we’re good friends that enjoy each other’s company and are there when needed.

Kurt Russel was another one and let me tell you, if you watch The Christmas Chronicles you’ll see he still got it.

Of course Chris Evans is there, I mean, come on. He’s the good guy that has no swagger, but he’s so darn (hotly) adorable you just can’t help it.

Oh, and Jon Steward. OMG. Maybe that crush is still on going, actually.

So, this is my list. What’s yours?


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