#CoverReveal #Countdown #T-7 #MacKade

This year is going to be busy.

I have 5 releases lined up, and I want to meet them with the best backup possible – aka reediting my backlist – aka new rounds of edits and new covers for my Crescent Creek series!

I finished She Came With the Tide last week end the new cover is amazing.

I wanted to simply publish it but Amazon is taking its sweet time so I thought about a nice cover reveal countdown.

This is what I can give you for now, next week come back to see the new cover!

He’s impulsive, fearless, and fun loving.
Erik Axelsson, Ax, had it all: talent, fame, money. He’d lived the rock & roll life fully and with gusto until it wasn’t fun anymore. Without a second thought, he’d traded the spotlight with the Floridian sun, and the guitar with a surfboard. Rich, and free from anything – what more he could need?

She’s innocent, scared, and in trouble. 
Andrea Smith escaped the life imposed to her when her parents joined a cult. After years on the run, hunger pushed her to accept a stranger’s offer for breakfast. She had no clue her life changed with that simple ‘yes’. 

But the past catches up with her, forcing Andrea to choose what person she wants to be: the scared cult member that obeyed in silence, or the new woman Erik made blossom. 


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