My First Books Website Adventure #MacKade #Iread

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The first website I remember visiting.

I started visiting websites over the university years, so I’m sure it was something about ancient laws or the Roman Empire (yes, I had to study those. So useful n today’s world.) (I loved it….) or some other along those lines.

So, I’ll tell you the first website I remember visiting for books, and that was Stephenie Meyer’s website.

It run the year 2007 (maybe 2008) and we had moved to the UK long enough that I could start reading a novel in English, but not long enough that I could read said novel without a dictionary, and it would take me forever.

Enter Twilight book, one I took from the local library because it seemed less intimidating.

I fell in love with that book and with the series. I also fallout of love with it when it began to turn silly, with sides and teams and seriously. At that point I was out.

But I was able to read those books while in love, and it was amazing.

It dawned on me I could see who wrote those stories, I went to her website, an…. wow.

I was in an author’s website for the first time my life.

I went through very page and every article, soaking up in stories about my currently favorite books and people. I can still remember how it looked, and I was obsessed with it for weeks.

So, this is my story, what’s yours?


  1. I love that ability to get to know an author through the internet. I genuinely don’t understand why authors don’t have websites these days. Good memory!!

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  2. Yes, the ability to connect directly with an author and their work like that is absolutely amazing. Several of the ones I follow have truly amazing communities built around their sites.

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  3. One of my first would have been, because at the time (1999) I was REALLY into Animorphs by K.A. Applegate, and I wanted to read more about the characters and the show that they were making. Some authors do maintain really good websites….Christopher L Bennett, for instance, has annotations for most of his books that give background info!

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