Working things out (maybe) All Those Miles I Walked as part of #WeWriWa #MacKade #RomanticSuspense

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This is the last week we’ll spend with She Came With The Tide, and it looks like they are starting to work out their difference. Or are they only making things even more complicated?

Hers’a the beginning of the scene.

And so, let’s keep reading a little further.


He set his hand loose to run it up and down on her arm, up and down, as he thought that she wasn’t perfectly right.

Shadows did lurk around him and details did get lost in the dim moonlight, but what he felt? Night didn’t blur a thing about it.

Sharp as a knife, it slashed his heart until his stubborn pride bled into silence. His attraction into need, hunger, and fire. Fighting the violence of the storm in his head he gave in to the quiet, to the dreamy hush of the moment waiting outside himself. It called for unhurried movements, so he pulled at her slowly.

She slid on him, inch by inch, and the friction seeped in through skin, and flesh, and blood, and nestled in his bones to become part of him. She laid on him, their legs tangled in the cotton throw, his hands on the small of her back, light in their trail over her t-shirt, fighting the temptation of what waited underneath.

That was for later.

Now was for her barely-there swaying of hips, her supple fingers tracing lines on his chest, on a body that remembered her. Because it was close, because it smelled of her, he nipped at her chin, her jaw, until he got lost in her hair, her breathing on his neck.

“Are you going to regret this in the morning?” she whispered.

“Maybe on some level,” he gathered the strength to say. Then he found her eyes, pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “Not enough to stop.”


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