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Honestly, I had no idea about what covers I did love. I read on my iPad, which means I don’t have the cover under my eyes. I kind of use it as a first meaning of filter when I pick a new book, but it;’s low key. Meaning, as long as the cover doesn’t look like my third grader son made it, I’m game.

What I did to write this post is, I went on Amazon, started scrolling, and picked the five covers that I found beautiful. I don’t know anything about the story hiding behind that cover – other than it’s in the romance genre.

Here are my cover choices, in no order.

Historicals always have that something more – usually brought to you by the dress. This one is no exception, but I found it particularly pleasing for more reasons. One, being there’s no guy. Not a fan of the passionate embrace. By all means, it can be beautiful, but it’s not my jam. This one? Wow. Wow for the dress and its colors paired with the heroine’s fantastic skin tone. Great background, also non usual. It’s light, open, fresh, and I love everything about it.

Kind of a classic in the fantasy genre, in this instance the wings are stunning. And if’s not wings but the dress, it matters not. I love the colors, how manages to be at the same time dark but colorful, tenebrous but hopeful. High five for the font. Spot on.

Did you sing it á la Lady Gaga yet? I totally do every time I see this cover. That being said, wow, what a fantastic thing. It’s so perfectly aligned with the book. The dead flowers, what appears to be a diary or a letter, or a picture burned in the background. It’s fantastic.

I love purple but beside that, in this case it’s the golden flourishing decoration, like a henna tattoo. The skull changes the mood of the entire image.

It’s haunting, and beautiful to watch.

I love unusual and this definitely qualifies. Even the teal color palette is atypical, and the squared paper in the background is genius.

So, here are 5 covers I loved. Which one is your favorite?


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