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If you are following me through my posts, you’ll know I don’t do St Valentine. (For more on this, here’s the article I wrote about St Valentine).

I can see an imaginary, embarrassing scenario though.

Let’s say for some reason I don’t have my husband.

Let’s say I start seeing someone. It’s not long into the seeing each other, early enough we hadn’t ready talked about festivities yet, that Valentine hits.

And I get it.

The St Valentine’s gift.

Ah, damn it.

Now I have to tell him I don’t care for it, thank you, that’s nice, but unnecessary, and now he thinks I’m a shrew and ok, but he doesn’t need to figure that out so early on…

What a disaster.

See? One more reason why I don’t like this thing.


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  1. To me – Valentines Day is a day to get chocolate. So not a huge fan of the day – but I have noticed in stores that the Valentines Day decorations are picking up. The stores have huge Christmas and Halloween things – next on the radar is Valentines. The house up the road has those blow up decorations – two knows holding a Happy Valentine heart.

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