First Face-off in All Those Miles I Walked as part of #WeWriWa #MacKade #RomanticSuspense

This post if part or WeWriWa, a blog hop for writers who like sharing small excerpts (8-10 sentences, but more is okay as long as it’s clear that it’s extra). Find all the posts here:

Let’s start from DJ’s considerations when she first sees him after all those years.

And a little more from where they face off for the first time (and yes, there will be time #2, #3 and so on….).

He stood in front of a counter wearing a battered black T-shirt, a rolled blue bandana secured on his forehead. He glanced her way, returned his attention to whatever he was chopping.

Then stopped dead.

His blue eyes shot not to her, but right in front of him. Scott laid down the knife; rested both his fists on the counter

“I… umh… I need to check on the…in the dining area,” the sous chef said, catching the room’s sudden mood swing.

“Stay,” Scott ordered. “She’s on her way out.”

“The hell I am.” DJ took a step further into the kitchen.


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