13 things everyone knows about me #Thursday13 #BlogHop #MacKade

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These are the things that most people know about me.

1- I love books. Any and all. Fiction, non fiction, encyclopedia, comics. I love them all. Read them all. Give them all to me.

2- I would still be in school if I could. Ideally, at University level teaching something like social studies, ethics, civil rights (my fav), philosophy of law, even history of the different forms of government and how they evolved. I loved my University years, and everyone knows I’d go back if I had a chance.

3- I’m not into ice-cream. I mean, it’s good, but I’d pass for anything else.

4- My feet are horrible. Not just ugly. Ugly and hard to live with. Anything that’s not flip flops gives me issues. Any other choice translates in pain.

5- I love dogs even though the relationship with my current one is complicated.

6 – I eat everything my husband cooks. Beside what he makes, I would gladly live on cheese, my favorite being gorgonzola, Irish cheddar, and Swiss.

7 – I don’t wear pants. Or I do, in very exceptional occasions (like if it’s cold. I live in Florida and I have 2 pants and 2 long sleeved shirts. There’s no choice in my wardrobe, I have to make do, hence the pants). I wear dresses or skirts.

8 – I have a short temper and a grumpy attitude.

9 – Bon Jovi and Eric Church are my go to guys for music. I listen to a lot of things but when I need – insert here something, anything – it’s them.

10- I bake. Breads, cakes, dessert. Whatever carb/sweet cooks in the oven, I make it. I made Italian cream puffs (bignole), Panettone, Catalan Cream, puff pastry, and of course, simple, white bread for breakfast.

11- (possible TMI so beware), I’m not hairy. I’m straight up furry. If let alone, I can have underarms tresses within 7 days. My struggle with hair is mighty and lifelong. The only one who beats me is my brother. No, I’m not going to tell stories. As for me, my eyebrows would looked like Eugene Levy, and I could sport mustache a la Earl Hickey.

12- My son’s and daughter’s name (Massimo and Adele) are from the novel duet a wrote and I’m trying to get to a good publisher.

13- I have MS, which means sometimes things get complicated. And that if I run for more that 100 yards, my system overheats, my legs stop working, and I fall face first. Which is a shame as I really liked jogging….


  1. Well, now we know. Thank you for sharing. I am sorry about the MS. I have chronic pain issues, and it is not fun when the body doesn’t live up to expectations.

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  2. So now I know you a bit better.
    I’ve been wearing flip flops all my life, even in the mountains. but the past years the neuropathy creates problems. I couldn’t feel the flip flops going apart so I fell. Now I wear sneakers and such. Without the pain I used to get, because they are far more flexible than the leather shoes I had.
    Haha…I almost always wear trousers.

    Sorry about the MS.
    I deal with chronic disease too and as you write in the comment above: people just don’t understand and show it with advice that is of no use. I just say “Thank you” and move on…

    Have a nice day anyway.

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    • I wear it in the mountains too… when we go, that is. I think not having visible proof of a disability ( a cane and so on) they think it’s not there, or is something impacting life less. Little do they know…


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