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This is a snippet from my Crescent Creek Book 2, All Those Miles I walked.
It’s the first real confrontation between Scott and DJ, the first time their past is acknowledged.

At eighteen, DJ made a choice–her heart or her dreams. Neither was wrong, yet both would break her heart. She chose her dreams. Over a decade later, she returns to Crescent Creek and to the one regret she’s ever had–Scott.

Scott’s always been as steady as a rocky reef. He loved DJ and when she’d left, that strong heart had crumbled like a sandcastle. Now DJ is back, and Scott wants nothing to do with her. If only Eva, his and DJ’s old friend, didn’t need their help. Because of her, he’s stuck with DJ, and damn it, the woman still gets under his skin.

DJ is a free spirit who needs the road under her feet.

Scott is a family man who wants to groom his roots.

With danger on their doorstep and a baby to keep safe, how much are they willing to compromise for love?

From the Readers: “This story has body and soul. There is so much life and joy in it. It is a pleasure to read.”

“(MacKade) ability to craft a romance that you can just settle into is amazing. There is humor, adventure, life, suspense, and sexual tension – no – make that simmering sexual tension that is just about to hit the boiling point.”

He stood in front of a counter wearing a battered black T-shirt, a rolled blue bandana secured on his forehead. He glanced her way, returned his attention to whatever he was chopping. Then stopped dead. His blue eyes shot not to her, but right in front of him; Scott laid down the knife; rested both his fists on the counter.
“I… umh… I need to check on the…in the dining area,” the other guy said catching the

room’s sudden mood swing.
“Stay,” Scott ordered. “She’s on her way out.”
“The hell I am.” DJ took a step further into the kitchen. “I know what I put you through,”

she said, knowing time wasn’t her friend today and she had to push the point as quickly as possible. “No, you don’t,” he stated quietly, not moving his gaze from the wall in front of him. “Shut up for one second and listen. I do know, because I put myself through the same.” “Really? Then you’re stupid, on top of everything else.”

“I was young and scared,” she hissed, briefly recording the older man leaving the room despite Scott’s order.

He turned to face her, resting one hip on the counter and crossing his arms on his chest. “Bullshit. After the test result, there was nothing left to be scared about.”

“I was scared of you,” she breathed out, regretting her words the moment they were uttered.

He said nothing, but one black eyebrow rose in question. One she wasn’t ready to answer, not to him and not like this, in anger. It had taken her years to dig deep enough within herself to fully understand the rush to keep him away, to cut him from her life.

It had taken even more time to get over him. If she ever had.

“I apologize,” she spat out despite a tight throat. “That’s all I wanted to do.” She spun around to get out of the suddenly chilly kitchen.


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