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It’s not one book in particular, but there is something that makes me mad, book wise, something is not even the books’ fault.

That’s when I start reading a book without realizing it is part of a series, but the following books are not there yet.

Here’s how it goes.

After an embarrassing amount of time (that I should use for menial things like, I don’t know, sleeping) spent surfing amazon ebook page and my library’s catalog of e-books (it’s and, not either/or. I check both, every single time even if it’s been only 3 days since the last time).

I cross reference to see blurbs and occasionally reviews, the latter mostly when I want some comedy as some reviews are so deeply dumb. I change my mind a few times on genre – am I in the mood for contemporary? maybe. Check a couple of books. No, not the right mood. Let’s see what’s the fantasy section has to offer. Yes. It’s a fantasy kind of moment. But dark and bloody, or a retelling? Let’s go dark and bloody.

Finally, after reading blurbs of an X number of books, I find the one.

The books that I’m going to love for the next 3 to 4 days.

If I don’t like it, then I’ll be grumpy for however time I wasted on it, but it’ll be ok fairy soon.

Let’s say I LOVE the story.

Love it, all the way thought.

Now I don’t want to leave the world, the author, and in general anything that will keep me in that story.

My only chance is book 2. And 3.

So I go back on either amazon or the library, ready and eager to start a new adventure and love it equally.

The book page load, and….

It’s the only book in the series.

The next will be out next year.




This is why I should never, ever, scout for new books at night.
Because I read every freaking detail of the book except – EXCEPT – take moment to notice if the new books in the series are out.

Then I pin the book somewhere, and I move on to a book I already know I will hate because it’s not the one I wanted to read. The one that’s not even written at this moment.

It takes me usually a few days to get over the self-directed rage and disappointment. I’m mad at myself (with reason), at the book I loved and at the book that’s still not there (no reasons why I should). At the book I’m about to start (again, why would I?)

And you know what?

I never learn my lesson.

Or, at the very least, I learn it for the next book or two and then I’m back to my old, reckless habits.

And this is the story of how I get mad with books – cue in major eye roll….


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