My List of #Things that are #Good in the world #NewThursday13 #BlogHop #MacKade

This hop is hosted by, and there you can find a lot of other great lists.

We’ve always been down with the flu a couple of weeks ago, then a fight with the HoA started, I got a little behind with with writing, my son’s school, the house’s a mess, I need to dye my hair, the garden needs weeding, I forgot to buy milk….

Overwhelmed is always one uncompleted chose away.

Hence, this list, because I could use the pick up.

So, here’s the list of 1 things that makes my day better.


When my son walks out from school, sees me, and a there’s a big grin on his face.

When my daughter snuggles close and we cuddle.

My husband’s smile.

The first flower that blossoms in my backyard.

The tapping of gentle rain when I go to sleep.

Chilly mornings.

The first pages of a new book.

The idea for a new book.

Good neighbors

My floor clean.

The sigh when you first lay in bed at night after a long day.

Bread in the oven.



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  1. Bread in the oven! Who has time to bake bread!?!? It is difficult to be the wife and work, especially writing. I have a book by Phyllis Whitney on writing and she states that all writers need a wife! If you’re the wife, that makes it doubly hard. (I had a hard time with Stephen King’s book on writing because it was quite male-centric.)

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    • 😂😂😂 so true… I am indeed the wife, and mom, and Uber, and nurse, and therapist.. not the chef though, that’s my husband. I do bake my bread because I love bread, butter, and jam for breakfast, but store-bought is so flimsy I get hungry 15 minutes after I ate…. Mine holds me longer 🍞


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