My Average Day Food-wise #BlogHop #MacKade

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It all boils down (see what I did there?) to one thing: is my husband home?

Let’s say he’s not, then the answer to the question is, very little.

I bake my bread specifically for breakfast. I’ll have that with butter and jam, and cappuccino.

Then lunch rolls in, and I cook food for my little one. I’m one of the few parents who struggle giving her anything that’s not fruit or vegetables, and while I understand how good those are for her, she needs something of more substance to live on, which I usually do. But I digress.

While she happily chomps on a spinach salad, I work.

It’s the only moment where she’s still, happy, and entertained by the food and the TV so I use the time to write articles (like this one), manage my socials, making graphics. In other words, I work.

Notice what I don’t do?

Yep. No food, because I forget, and by the time she’s done eating and I realize my time is up, it’s nap time.

Oh, snap, I missed the lunch time slot.

*Shrug* Oh, well.

I’ll steal something on my way to pick up my son from school, and then dinner. I will eat that.

If my husband is home, though, the story changes.

For one because he slid plates with food my way when I’m typing.

Second, because he gives me hard time if I skip food.

And third, because he cooks so so well. He turned me into a huge food snob.

Then it will be pasta with some divine sauce; maybe a sandwich – no, no, don’t think sad sandwich. Think big and delicious. Maybe fish tacos.

And for dinner we’ll make something together.

Usually dinner is bigger anyway. We have more time to make it, the kids are both home, and we all sit at the table and dig in. I’m 80% sure we’re having homemade burgers with fries tonight. And a salad.

There’s also always something sweet, what are we, bad, that we can’t have sweets after dinner?

Following, a show-off moment of what he cooks on a regular basis. Everything made from scratch.

Do you have a favorite?


  1. I wanted to let you know that your link to this post on the Long and Short Review site seems to be broken.

    Your husband sounds like a good cook! I hope you enjoy your burger, fries, and salad tonight. 🙂

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  2. Great post and great pictures! It can be tough to remember to eat when you’re busy, so it’s good you have a husband who will slide you plates of food when you’re working. It’s excellent that your kids like fruit and vegetables! When ours was tiny he loved broccoli, spinach and onions, but he grew out of it. Now he’s grown up, it’s hard to get him to eat anything that isn’t sugar or dough-based.

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  3. Hi! WOW!!!! Those pictures are just beautiful! My husband also loves to cook and makes fabulous meals for me and my son! I can’t remember if I put this in my post or not, but before, I would skip breakfast and lunch BUT eat way too much at dinner and before bed which made me feel awful! I am still having a hard time getting in lunch so I can so relate! It is an effort when you are busy and especially with little ones!

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    • Exactly! I love breakfast, it’s my whatever-you-want-to-eat moment, which usually is homemade bread with butter and jam. I loooooooove it! and it keeps me until late afternoon in case lunch doesn’t happen.


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