Too Stubborn to Give up #MacKade #BlogHop #Writing #Writerslife

Oh, please.

I think about giving up every day.

No reviews to speak of – and how there can be any, considering there is no new material?

Low engagement on socials – something I fixed not a month ago, and I’m still getting the hang of making it work.

Friends and not-so-much friends who are smashing it, with 6 digit earning from writing – on Vella, none the less.

There is no reason whatsoever for me to keep going.

Why am I, then?

Sheer, stupid, blind stubbornness.

And need.

I need to write. I need the challenge, the plotting, the possibilities. And I love words. Using them to build something from nothing.

And I know, I know, things are slowly starting to change, meaning I keep scouting for, and finding, writing opportunities so hopefully, the drought will ease later this year.

But it’s hard, very hard, keep that in mind.

They say the only way to fail is to stop trying, so I’ll keep trying, and learning, and writing, until something will change – or I run out of time.

And I’m writing this while giving my little one kisses on her sticky chubby cheek, so the in-between is not that bad. She is overly kissable.

I’ll close with a Chief’s song that plays a lot in my head when I hit low:

It ain’t about the money you make when a record gets sold
It’s about doin’ it for nothin’, ’cause it lives in your soul

… That’s damn rock and roll


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