I’m Still Standing #BlogHop #MacKade #Proud #JustDoIt

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Go ahead, click it.

See what that is? This is my platform.

In that little link is the fruition of months of soul searching, google surfing, headaches, stubbornness, and people’s goodness, all sprinkled with more than a dash of rage.

To make you understand, we’ll go backward from that link.

To make that link, I had to have those socials working and connected between each other.

I was trudging my way on FB, didn’t really Tweeted except from what went there directly from my blog. I let die and retried Instagram too many times to keep track.

It was all disjoined.

I needed to fix it because I wanted to go back to the writing world and, as I’m done having babies, this time there’s no more starting and pausing.

I did that twice, one each kid.

I had one book out with a pub house, went well, then had my son.


Started over, published 4 books that had different degree of success. Then I had my daughter (and covid hit).


Now I’m ready.

There’s nothing between me and what I want – other than work.

And off to work I went.

I analyzed and tried to understand what I did wrong in the past, researched, was gifted with help by professionals and experienced writers who’ve been there.

I scouted the Internet and found great opportunities.

I rebuilt that damn platform not from scratch, but from experience.

Will it work?

Like Enya said, who can tell, only time.

But you can bet your butt MacKade is ready like she’s never been. I can tell you from a place of anger and hunger, which is where I give my best.

And after all these years of making babies and loving them while waiting, learning, and biding my time, I’m not only standing.

I’m ready to march, and of that, I’m proud.


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